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New Years Eve


Did you drink?

If so, did you remember the entire evening?

Did you get sex?

Did she come home with you or did you find another place?

Where did you go?


^Mannnn, how do you start a thread without going first???? Rules man, rules

Steaks, how many?

Did you bang 5 or 6 chicks

Did you leave them cab money or ask them to step outside, call the cops and say they were stalkers?

Where did you wake up?


No booze

sleep by 9pm

Me and the Mrs had a thing going onnnnn,

Asked for a loco moco the next morning.


I had two beers. I remember the entire evening. I was asleep by 10. :frowning:


Did you drink?
Yes (Rum Punch)

If so, did you remember the entire evening?

Did you get sex?
She threw up after three drinks, so no.

Did she come home with you or did you find another place?
I drove her home and made sure she got safely inside

Where did you go
To a Jamaican Restaurant/ Lounge in the West Village


How old are you again, gramps??


I dont drink, but some chick I met at Jerome Bettis's sports bar in Pittsburgh (there for the hockey game the next day) completely changed my views on the city, and Pennsylvania as a whole for the better. Took her back to my room at the Marriot across from PNC field


Quentin Tarantino movie marathon with a girl I've been seeing. Neither of us drink, and are both pretty socially awkward so being around a bunch of people who are drunk and partying is just foreign to us. All in all, a good time was had.


Drank Guinness and Tequila.
Remember most of the night.
Brought my girlfriend home for drunken sex.
Went to late bar in town.


I had a lot of alcohol. I remember the entire evening. Girlfriend came home with me, but I was way too drunk and tired to get laid. Went to a terrible Korean nightclub and had to listen to these Korean guys who think they are gangsters talk about how cool they are. It was pretty lame, but I had ribs the next day so all was set right in the world.


I know too many people now who read these forums so I don't want to go into details like that...but I did drink for the first time in a long time...got drunk, passed out later. I think I will leave it at that.

I see now why I don't drink usually.


I was puking a lot the next morning so I guess I had fun...


I did sweet fuck all because I worked that day, the day before and the two days after. I did go to my neighbors party,had one beer and went back home, could not relate lol. Boo hoo me.

Now LAST year was a different story, sambuca robbed me of most of the nights memories.


I ran my mouth while in a drunken stupor, and lost a lot.



(My wife and me)


Which is why I don't drink. I get even louder and more aggressive...which is great if you are a viking, Zulu warrior or Conan.

Unfortunately, I seem to run out of villains to crush beneath my feet in downtown Houston.


One Glass of champagne with the wife at midnight.

Sitters are not around that night so the Wife, and Son and I rented the A team.

Def got some ass. Quiet ass, but ass just the same...

I remember the whole thing, lol

I'm old, but not PMPM old.


Like what PX? You slap people on the back to hard?


No menage a trois?


Yeah...that'll work.