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New Years Eve (Hogmanay)


What's everyone doing for it?

Think I'll bring in the new year with a malt in my local pub.

Hope y'all have a good yin!


Meh, no plans. London is way to expensive and crowded to go out.


Aye Glasgow is the same. Clubs are mobbed. Pubs as well. Takes about 30 minutes to get served if you're lucky

Throw in lack of taxis and you wonder why the fuck you do it?


headin to the avicii/steve aoki gig in Niagra Falls. only time where I've spent 100bucks for a ticket on new years and know its going to be worth the money. can't wait!


A few years back I headed out at 9:30pm. No trains running, packed buses to get to the millennium wheel, a huge crowd of people in the street and I ended up getting stuck in a crowd amongst strangers for when new year's hit. Couldn't find or call my friends, so I left and it then took me 2.5 hours to get home.

All while I lived no more than 30 minutes by bus.

Never again.


Same, and I've already been called a loser no less than 3 times. I'm not really trying to wait an hour in line to pay $100 cover so I can wait another hour to get a fucking beer.


The usual.


Oops, wrong pic.







Only half as much as what happened after.

Believe me.


I just finished feeling ill now my girlfriend is. So we're staying home.

She's going to watch that piece of shit Angelina Fish Face movie Salt and I will be right here in front of the computer providing fun and excitement to the denizens of T-Nation.


Judging from your avatar, it looks like you never left.


I'm going to be at work, making sure the only people coming in are the ones who've paid too much money for the honour of partying at my place of employment for the evening.


Wedding, but that means no planning needed on my part and hopefully free food and drinks for the night.


Well I went to the Edinburgh hogmanay and it was fantastic and now I'm sitting at home and my breath smells like GUINESS HAPPY NEW YEAR


Are you mad? Can't you see I'm doing tricep dips on the bar.

Oh and the Buckfast is my post workout shake of course


Went Camden Town, drank more Guinness and Whiskey than I thought was humanly possible. Cousin puked all over me, missed the last train home, got home at 9 am new years day.

Have not stopped suffering since. Best New yeasr ever! :smiley:


The last time my brother and I were in Glasgow my cousin said he was going around to the store to get some Buckfast and my brother gave him some money to get some too.
He was surprised to see it was a bottle of wine....he thought my cousin said breakfast.


I did a puzzle. Lol