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New Year Routine

Hi All!

I’ve outlined this routine around my weak areas. Mainly squat and dead lift. Because of my lower back that keeps on acting up on me I’ve desided to pull sumo. I’ve read an artical that those who pull sumo should do below parrallel box squats.

My question is, if I use chains with my box squat should I use them on my normal squat day?

My main priority isn’t building speed at this point, for I feel I should be focusing on my core strength. I use the chains for added resistance and intensity. And will being using the box squat to help build my sumo

2007 routine

Monday- Box squat (below parallel), ham string, inner and outer hips, abs and lower back

Tuesday-Bench ME, chest supported rows, bent over dumbbell lat pulls, seated rows, rear deltoid cable flys, shrugs


Thursday- Back squat, abs, lower back, various ham string and glute training.

Friday-Military press, shoulder extensions, straight bar tricep extensions, close grip press, cable pull downs

Sumo deadlift twice a month

Sure chains and band are a tool and you can use them on ME days. The main thing work damn hard and I wouldnt rely on them all the time.