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New Year... New Goals?


Remember our 2007 goals from the beginning of last year?

I thought it would be fun to reflect and start planning for 2008.

What are some of your big (and not so big) goals for the coming year?


Well I think you got atleast one of those didn't ya!


over the past few years ive been hanging around the 6-8% bodyfat range and staying pretty light (under 80 kg)... this year im gonna smash back up to 85-90kgs while trying to keep my bf% pretty good...

this means more calories, more supplements, more sleep! Its time i realised how strong i can be, good luck with goals!


in the wrong forum, haha! so tired


So for 2008 I will add a few goals besides those listed in my thread:

  1. Become more focused in my lifting and life
  2. work on my flexibility
  3. take time for myself every day
  4. work on my RN cross over courses daily
  5. strive for excellence not perfection --- as perfection does not really exist
  6. allow my self to make mistakes.......as that is how we all learn

Wishing every one a Merry Christmas and Great New Year! May we all achieve all that we are capable of in the coming year.....



You are welcome here anytime. We like it when the guys visit and leave encouragement, critisims or just chime in :wink:



For some reason, this just depressed the heck outa me.

OH, I know, because I never met one of my 2007 goals!

Here were last years posted on the old F-heit forum:

I did get rid of some shoes I hadn't worn in 4 years...

This years goal is to not have a goal. Just do the best I can, at everything I do. Wimpy goal? Yup. But jimmy-crack-corn-and-I-don't-care.



These are last year goals...

I didn't meet any of my goals but I did learn from my mistakes. No longer going to spend off-season dieting and doing high reps. I think it really set back my squat and deadlift goals.

This year there will be no off-season. I will spend the year focusing on increasing my three lifts with more focus on my deadlift and squat than my bench.

1. More focused at the gym. Less pretty exercises and more focus on my main lifts.

  1. Learn to deadlift with equipment.

  2. Compete in one powerlifting meet.

  3. No more diets:)


That's not easy to do! I, for one, applaud your strength.

My goals for the coming year:

Figure out the right balance for me of lifting and running, begin setting realistic new goals for both.

I've got a few short months left of the hiatus I took specifically to work on my book, and I'm spending way too much time screwing around. So, stop screwing around. I probably will have to involve a timer. Which is sad. What am I, five?

I guess that's really it for now. Those are the main things that I have to really work to stay focused on. Other things are more self-managing.

Workouts and writing are so easy to slack off on. All of a sudden I notice I'm just drifting. Goal: Stop that.


Yes I did. I accomplished the personal life goals (marriage, pregnancy, going back to school) but I didn't meet any of the personal gym goals.

This coming year will be all about balancing marriage (piece of cake, I snagged the sweetest guy in the world), baby (lots to learn there!), classes, and getting my body back. Like cvb I will not be dieting at all. This year will focus on strength gains and maintaining a healthy diet.


Here's an early Christmas picture. Yes I'm showing off, but I am really really happy and want to share. =D


I am so glad things are going well for you. Congratulations!



Well, I did get a new job, but I still need a new hobby.

I like to keep things simple, so all I really need to do this year is put this re-hab from surgery behind me and get busy in the gym.

I was going to say grow my hair long again, but I like it short now. As long as the scars are covered, I'm happy.


Hey You!

Here are my goals:

-Not to freak out at the delivery of my first child
-Finally get my commission in the ARMY
-Try to learn all I can about being a first time dad
-Find a better job
-Improve my house some more
-Deadlift over 385 (I'm weak, even for a guy)



Great picture and congrats again! :wink:



Well, show off all you want, you look happy. I wish you continued good fortune...when's the baby due?


sic... you look STUNNING!!! And the hubby looks like a sweety too!!! Can't wait to see the bundle of joy!


Ugh, I forgot...

Believe it or not, I eliminated much of this problem by changing the shoes I wear. I now wear Nike Free 7.0's whenever I can. Hard to find, but they made a huge difference (go to the Nike Store online).

Arm is healed and back to normal. It was "different" for awhile, but I am back to doing pullups with a towel with no pain. I'm back up to ~155, and my strength is returning. But I need to work on my deadlift technique.

It was a very strange vacation. A lot of money for a small, noisy room. The pool guy wanted to hook me up with the grill cook...the female grill cook, who thought I was "hot". (I'm bettin' she didn't get a real good look at me)

Ummm...while strangely flattered, I had to decline as I am very monogamous (and heterosexual) and mate for life.

My husband, however, thought the entire situation was very entertaining.

But I don't do the whole New Year resolutions thing. I just continue on, bonding with the regulated community and providing compliance assistance. And if there's one thing I demand, it's compliance.

Training is fun. It's what I love to do. It's my favorite part of the day. Anybody that's ever watched me in the gym can tell that I am in my own little world; my happy place, where the only one I have to compete with is my own personal dragon.

So for me, my goals for 2008 would be the same as for any other time; strive to be strong in body and mind, love my husband and make the environment a little better for the rest of the creatures on this planet.


I know I haven't posted in a while. I finally feel the need to be involved again (i.e. new forum). Yeah, TC!

I am at a really good place right now. I want to lower my BF% & add some more muscle. We got a new hip sled, which has helped a lot. I was having problems with my knees before when doing squats.

I need to be eating clean more consistently. I know this would help me in losing the fat. I do great during the week but I have a hard time on the weekends.

I am also going to make a point of being more involved now in this forum. I have a tendency to be shy & I would like to change that. I am very passionate about the changes I am making WRT my body. I am excited about the opportunity to learn & share info with all the great women on this site who feel the way I do.

I have much respect for all of you who now call this forum home.



You look fantastic Sic!!! Your hair looks beautiful longer :slight_smile: