New Year New Goals/Programme

My training up until this point has generally used weight training as supporting training to my fitness goals. For the most part I have reached those goals and I have decided that for the next few years, I would like to make Power Lifting the principal focus of my training.

My body weight is 80kg (175#)

My current ‘power’ lift 1RM are as follows:
Squat - 155kg (340#)
Bench - 120kg (265#)
Deadlift - 185kg (405#)
Press - 72.5kg (160#)

My aims are for 2014 are to achieve:
Squat - 200kg (440#)
Bench - 140kg (310#)
Deadlift - 225kg (495#)
Press - 100kg (160#)

I would like to keep my bodyweight under 90kg (200#).

I will do 3 weight session per week (Bench, Squat, DL/Press). 2x home made tyre/sled drags per week. 1 x Recovery run. The recovery run is necessary as I must be able to

  • Run 1.5 Miles in <10 mins
  • Run 8 Miles in < 64 mins
  • Run 8 Miles with 30kg Rucksak+weapon across hilly/rough terrain in <120mins

My program will be 2 x 28 week cycles of the following (as taken from the beyond 531 book):

  • Weeks 1-7: 531 with First Set Last.
    – Squat/Bench 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps of pause sets. This will help to keep the volume up and gain help getting out of the hole (currently a weak area)
    – AMRAP on the Deadlift. (helps keep the time spent down on DL/Press day)
    – Rest-pause on the Press. (helps keep the time spent down on DL/Press day)
  • Weeks 8-14: 531 with Up-Down ladder
  • Weeks 15-21: 531 with Training Maxes
  • Weeks 22-28: With Joker sets.

My TM will start at 90% of my 1RM (I will just repeat the cycle I have just finished).

I will follow a 4 steps forward, 2 steps back approach. Over the year this will give me 10 increases (~50kg on lower body, ~25kg on upper).

Assistance Lifts (for first 7 weeks):

  • Bench Day: Incline Bench Press super setted Karl Krow row (shrug/ half upright row) - 5 sets of 10. 5 sets of 10 Pull/Chin ups.
  • Squat Day: Front/Box squats 5x10. (this will help me to focus on 'sitting in between my legs on the squat) super setted with Tricep push down (band ~20reps). Good mornings 5x10 super setted with band pull aparts.
  • DL/Press Day: Depending on time - Single Arm kettle bell row super setted with single arm KB bench press.

I hope all of what I have presented makes sense. So I suppose there are some more specific questions.

  • Are these realistic goals for the year
  • Does the plan make sense as proposed (I hope it does as its taken from the beyond 531 book)
  • Am I doing too much volume with the assistance exercises (particularly on squat day).
  • My main weakness at the moment is that I am not strong enough. Is there anything I have missed or am proposing incorrectly?
  • Is there an issue with doing only 3 days a week? I can do 4, but this will mean I will probably miss some of the conditioning days.

I feel like I am over analysing this a little, but I also feel like I am at a sticking point and that to continue to progress, I must make strength training the (goal oriented) emphasis. I will reply and add some nutrition questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice.

My nutrition plan:
I like to eat paleo-like. I find that the food choices generally agree with me better (less acne, less flatulence etc.)

Breakfast 4 eggs and some fruit.
11am 50g Mixed nuts
Lunch ~200g Meat, veggies, ~100g Rice (or potatoes)
3pm 500ml Milk
Dinner ~200g Meat, veggies, ~100g Rice (or potatoes)

On Non workout days this will include a bedtime snack of Micellar Casein protein powder.

Total Calories on Non-Workout days
Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbs (g)
Breakfast 350 25 22 14
11am 343 8 34 2
Lunch 858 75 18 98
3pm 320 17 18 24
Dinner 858 75 18 98
Bed time 161 30 3 3

Total 2889 229 113 238
% 32 35 33

Peri-Workout Nutrition.
Unfortunately, I live in a part of Europe where we cannot get Biotest products, however I can get something else (though I will be in the USA with work soon, so I may get a couple of tubs of Plazma):

Per 90g:
Energy: 275.9Kcal
Protein (as-is): 24.3g
Carbohydrates: 50.2g
Fat: 0.3g

Also Provides Per 90g:
Leucine: 5.5g
Glutamine: 4.5g
Creapure®: 3g
Vitamin C: 550mg
Electrolytes: 360mg

So I will have 1x40g serving 45 minutes before training. 1x80g Serving During training and 1x30g serving of Whey protein 30-60 minutes after training. My meal schedule will look like:

Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbs (g)
134 11 0 22
267 22 0 45
120 23 2 2
521 55 3 69
% 42 5 53

On workout days I will therefore eat:
Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbs (g)
Total 3410 284 116 307
% 33 31 36

Does this seem sensible? Am I placing barriers in my way at the planning stages? Should I eat more on the non-strength training days? Any advice appreciated :slight_smile: