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New Year Fitness Books


What new books is everyone interested in buying for the New Year? I know a lot of authors like to release books around mid-December because people have gift cards, and fitness authors know that January is New Year's Resolution time. So anyway, I wanted to see what other people were interested in buying. My top three, in no particular order, are:

The New Rules of Lifting for Abs; Alywn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler (December 30th)
The Theory of Fat Loss; Timothy Ward (I think its available now)
The 4-Hour Body; Tim Ferriss (December 14th)

I've always liked all of Cosgrove's stuff. Ward is pretty new to the scene, but I like his blog a lot, and Tim Ferriss is always a fun read... although I think he's overhyped, and I don't think I would actually do anything he recommends... but I'd read it for nothing other than the entertainment.

Anybody else have any books they are putting on their list?


New rules of lifting for abs? How is that going to be any different than the previous two New Rules? Is it a full program or just a guideline for ab training?

I'm glad you saw that second book on my post in the GAL forum. I was actually Tim's first client, so he asked me to write the foreword to his book. I've already read his draft and I think it's going to be a great read for everyone, because the concepts he presents are very simple, kind of like a 5/3/1 for fat loss training...if that makes sense.


Yeah, I saw that you wrote the foreword and I read it on the blog. It convinced me to buy it.


The Juggernaut Method by Chad Smith. He came out with it about 2 weeks ago. Heard alot of good things about it


I'll look that one up.


I guess nobody reads books anymore!


Just got my copy of The Theory of Fat Loss a couple days ago and already finished reading it. I couldn't put it down! My favorite part about it... short but engaging chapters. It just made me want to keep reading. I'd say this is a must read. It's so different than every other fat loss book I've ever read.


Never Let Go by Dan John is my current favorite. I picked up a copy for myself and another for my dad for Christmas.


I've heard good things about that one. I know Robertson recommended it a while ago.