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New Year cycle

I’m going to do a 10 week cycle with winny,equipose,and deca,with nolvadex.

Weeks 1-4
100mgs EOD winny
200mgs twice a week equipose
300mgs deca a week

Weeks 5-10
100mgs EOD winny
200mgs 3x a week equipose
600mgs deca a week
10mgs ED nolvadex

A friend from the gym said do some d-bol week 1-6 30mgs just until deca kicks in.And 8 weeks of clen 2tabs ED EOD,with 2 weeks of clomid.

Look up “frontloading”. Type in the word deca and see how many posts here mention phrases like “deca dick”, “fuck deca”, “limp dick”, ect. Another useful guide woud be steroids for dummies ( I’m not kidding). Hope this helps bro.

also, d-bol and eq are essentially the same thing. imo it doesnt make sense to use both in the same cycle.

id drop the deca and add test.

you meant Deca and EQ are ‘essentially the same thing’ didn’t you?!

i dont think any thought was put into this cycle. you have 3 class one steroids, no frontload, no clomid and no idea what you’re doing. 10 weeks on deca and eq? thats some scary suppression. go back and read steroids for DUMMIES the steroid NEWBIE thread and then anything bill roberts has ever written or you could just do as planned and not use your dick for a good 4 moinths or so…