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New World Order


My friend sent me this link

Thought I would post it.

This is not a rick roll. And also the opinions express in the following video blah blah blah blah... do not reflect ...blah blah blah. In other words just posting not my view.


The only logic solution I see to this cultural imbalance, is that we, as (non-muslim) t-men, go out running in the middle of the streets with balls hanging out with a clear Biotest sticker on them with the words "Powered by Alpha Ma!e (TM)" and tap every fuckable girl which is equal or older then the age of consent while shouting "GESUS RULEZ!!!".

It is advised not to shout too loudly tough, else others will think you're weird.

Be warned fellow t-men, there will be those Muslims that will try to be 'christian wannabees' by doing the same because of the plentiful righteous poonany. You'll easily spot these since they'll pronounce 'Gesus' in a funny way. Probably they'll say "ALLAH" instead.

amen bro's.


I laughed, mostly out of confusion.


"Those who laugh in confusion, shall see the light" That shady guy in the corner.


Shocking but true!

I see it all the time in the UK, muslim families walking around with 4-5 kids, and other families with 1-2 children.

And the worst part of it is, a majority of these muslim families fund their breeding habit from state benefits.

And other people, take the concious decision not to have more then 1-2 children because they can't afford it.

Takes the piss!



I laughed cause it was funny


well, it's a good thing they are a loving and peaceful religion


I laughed because i'm an infidel...


I see what you did there...


So what`s your view then?

My view: the decline of western culture has been underway for several decades already. The [u]statistics[/u] in this video arent bs; they are reality. Part of the reason we are being demographically overtaken so easily is specifically because of the above stance, i.e. "Im soooo afraid of stating MY VIEW because so-and-so might label me as this-and-that."

You wanna be or live as a Muslim, mate? Not I. Neither is there anything wrong with stating this IMO. Contrary to current politically-correct bs rhetoric, this doesn`t make me a hater or a hate-monger or a racist ; rather, it makes me aware of ongoing demographic changes, it makes me proud of my culture and interested in preserving its integrity and ways of life within our geographical boundaries....and it makes me conscious that certain other cultures (most members of at any rate) will absolutely NOT mix or assimilate with my own...of their own will. I have witnessed this first-hand both in my city and in various cities throughout Europe. Brussels comes to mind as one that particularly struck me with the statistical reality of the video AND my statement that some cultures have NO interest whatsoever in maintaining any sort of peaceful co-habitation with us.

So what will we do about this? Very little if anything at all IMO.


When I start a thread I don't like to state opinions. I don't want to tarnish it with a theme based on my own personal views. Let it evolve to its own conclusion. I will post in a bit.
/side track


I don't get it, is there a point to this? Personally I don't believe in religion, but because of my family I am considered a Muslim. Now the video is making it sound like this is a bad thing. Cultures change all the time. You think Christianity din't destroy the polytheism culture when it started out as a cult?

Personally I don't think this has anything to do with the culture itself, but the stereotype following it. Everyone is different, and yes there are people who take their religion to extreme. But most of Europe does not believe in religion.


this much would have sufficed.



Fair enough, I respect that. I only dislike the opinion-less and the scared-to-state-their-mind. I didn`t think you were any of those. Good on you anyway for posting that link regardless of your stance on it.


I personally think that I would not want my kid growing up or living in an Islamic state.

Lets face facts. Almost all Islamic countries the religion dictates the laws of the land.

When religion controls politics and law. Its wrong. History has proven this.

I would not like to see the rights of women be taken back or stoning or any other Islamic laws of ultra conservatism be enforced and my kids or grand kids be living in that kind of society.

I am sick of running around being afraid of offending people based on what I say cause I am white. Big fucking deal. I say we preserve our country and culture. Not based on religion but based on what we as North Americans or Europeans believe it to be.

If the numbers on this report are correct we need to preserve our culture cause soon it will be gone. Rights will be eroded based on religious views. Then we will be living in an assimilated Islamic state.


FuckinA brother. Fuckin A. Couldn`t agree more with ya.

Anyone else agree, disagree or have an opinion to state?


Okay, that was a load of bullshit.

At first I assumed the message was produced by some far right-wing gun-toting, A-rab hating, anti-muslim organization (nttawwt)that was specifically advocating increasing the population of white people in Western-Europe and NorAmerica.

Turns out it's an... evangelical intervention?

They're using muslim demographics to scare people into proselytizing... Muslims? Into becoming Christians?

That strikes me as somewhat...disingenuous. Spreading the word of Jesus because the gospel is good news... good. Spreading the word of Jesus because you're afraid the other guy is gonna win... bad, because it replaces the intrinsic motivation of faith with the extrinsic motivation of fear.

Second, it occurs to me that when the narrator uses the phrase '...France will become an Islamic republic', he's referring to Iran, not Turkey.

That could be a gigantic hole in his argument. I think the fear-mongering was counting on people assuming they'll be living under a muslim theocracy, not a democratically elected secular government.

Hell, if Britain wanted to prevent themselves from becoming a Muslim Theocracy, maybe they should put that in their Constitution.

Maybe they should write a constitution first.

Last: Could someone define for me the 'culture' that's being changed? Like the above poster mentioned, cultures change all the time. America could use more Kebab shops and Halal meat. It doesn't necessarily portend the destruction of western civilization as we know it.

That's it for my critique of the video. On to the broader issue: if you want people to have less than 8 kids, make them financially responsible for all of them. If parents do not receive support from the state to help feed their kids, they will think twice (or more) before making another one.


Yikes...are you ever missing the point. I agree with you that the evangelical motivations behind the video are...not something I am inclined to support in any way.

Having said that, the statistics are accurate.

THAT does not bother you?

Let me ask you two questions: a.) do you actually reside in Hong Kong? b.) have you traveled European cities, and if so, which ones?


I am an American exchange student currently residing in HK.

Haven't been to Europe. At all. Not sure if the makers of the video have either.