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New World Bank

A total of 21 Asian countries including China, Russia, India even Brazil and South Africa open new World Banking System. http://rt.com/business/198928-china-world-bank-rival/ Not really sure how this is going to unfold. In the true nature of capitalism, competition is great.

I am sure the present world banking cartel are not so happy as I am. With World Bank and IMF whistle blowers from all over the globe screaming about corruption on a global scale. As well as Canada Central Bank being sued back to its original mandate. The timing could not be better.

It is well past the time for change. The present banking system is geared solely by the greed of the banking cartel. The system is broken and an over haul is of this system is greatly needed . At no time did any country ask for this system. It was forced upon us by powerful greedy individuals.

Think of the tax breaks if we no longer needed to pay interest on government loans. The original mandate of all country banking systems. Until the banking cartels starting using their power to destabilize the economy and force countries into servitude. The time for change may well be upon us.

Either that or we will be forced to serve different masters. How do you know the new cartel won’t behave exactly as the old?