New Workout

I was buying a book the other day and I came across a workout that, it said, “alot of bodybuilders do this”. It was a work that let each muscle have a 4 day rest period, and every day workout works on about 3 muscles. But heres the set and reps:
All on that one workout

5reps - 3sets 80% of max
12reps - 3sets 60-70% max
40 reps - 3sets 20-30% max

It said to do this for one muscle. For example, you would do the 5-3 on bench, and 12-3 on dumbell bench press, and so on. But I changed the workout a little. Instead of switching from each free weight between sets, I would workout all those sets on that one workout. For example, I would do 5-3, 12-3, and 40-3 all on bench press, then on incline dumbell press, then on preacher. I tried this and it was a bitch. But I have never felt so sore in my life. the results are coming in faster then I thought. But, is this to much on my muscles, am i over doing it? Any suggestions would also be cool. Up for any ideas.

Id say go with something on here.

Something that is kinda like that would be some of CW’s stuff with varied reps and frequent w/o’s.

But hey anything will work for a while if you like it and see results run with it.

Just My 2cc,