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New workout

Hi all.
I am interested in changing my workouts a bit. My normal split is one day upper body pushing, one day upper body pulling, and one day legs. However, somebody posted on here that he does his upper body workouts split into vertical pushing and pulling, and then another day horizontal pushing and pulling. Have any of you guys experience with this type of routine? I was thinking of trying it, but I cannot figure out where to put something like front shoulder raises. Would skullcrushers fit in with vertical pushing? I guess I could do rear delts as horizontal. Oh well, any advice would be appreciated. Also, would you guys do full deadlifts on legs or back day? And if on back day, which one? Thanks.

The type of workout you are looking for is something Ian King has proposed. Check out some of Ian’s programs to see how to split things up properly. You can combine the “Limping Leg” series of workouts with the “Super Strength” upper body workouts for a four-day-a-week workout that divides the body into horizontal pushing/pulling, vertical pushing/pulling, arms, etc.

The person you’re refering too was Jason Norcross I believe. Anyways I was trying to setup a plan based on that split last night. I want to try an emphasize my back and hamstrings. I don’t have what I made up on hand but I’ll try and remember. I planned on lifting tues,thurs,sat,sun. tues was my horizontal push/pull day. doing bb rows,cable rows to neck and one more row movement yet TBD, My pushes were going to be incline bb bench folowed by flat bb bench thurs. was going to be my deadlift/oly day doing power cleans or snaches from blocks, deads, glute ham raises, goodmornings and maybe db snaches cause I love them. sat. was my verticle push pull day: standing bb press, seated db press, rear delt raise and or cuban press and or side raises, “power look” program and chins, Sun was going to be quads and arms. with some back squats, 1 legged leg press or lunges and I haven’t thought about what to do for arms yet. This is just a rough outline. I’m afraid that the volume on my verticle push pull day is a little to much. Otherwise you might wanna go to the Lair and check out t-bows OVT program that looks cool.

Thanks for the info. I am slowly devising a program. I am just going to do a general 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps scheme, to get me back on track after the holidays. The OVT program looked pretty good. I think I will try that on the offseason. Thanks again.