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New Workout


a little background information.
i just turned 16
my max squat is 215
my max deadlift is 275
my max bench press is 185

i have been using rippetoes workout since christmas. before that i was a little lazy and followed several other poorly programmed split workouts.

my goals are to get stronger and bigger and improve explosiveness a little. i play football
i have written this new workout and i was hoping i could get a little feedback.

(L) = lighter weights (H) = heavier weights (E) = more explosive
5 Day Workout
Monday :14 sets
Squat(H) 5,4,3,3
Lunge(E) 5,5,5
Bent Row(H) 5,5,3,3
Barbell Curl(L) 12,12,12
Tuesday :14 sets
Power Clean(E) 4,4,4,4
Bench Press(H) 5,5,3,3
Squat(L) 10,10,10
Shoulder Press(L) 8,8,8
Wednesday :15 sets
Deadlift(H) 5,3,3
Bent Row(L) 12,12,12
Close Grip Bench(H) 6,6,6
Hammer Curl(H) 6,6,6
Dumbbell Curl(H) 4,4,4
Thursday :13 sets
Squat(H) 5,5,5
Stiff leg deadlift(L) 8,8,8
Seated Calf Raise(H) 6,6,6,6
Standing Calf Raise(L) 10,10,10
Friday :16 sets
Power Clean(E) 4,4,4,4
Incline Bench(H) 5,5,5
Decline Bench(L) 12,12,12
Pullup(H) 5,5,5
Tricep Pushdown(L) 12,12,12

total sets for the week:72
and i will try to include core 3 times a week and stretching daily.

if you have any suggestions or changes you would make please tell me


I have found it helpful to mix everything up every two weeks or so. Diet has played a much larger role in my lifting than the actual lifting routines I have tried. If your interested i can post my Routine that i have used for the past 6 weeks and have gone up in weight or reps every week, But like i said Diet is key.


Here's Vernon Davis' workout routine. I just found it on the Internet. This is what he did before the combine a few years ago. In a couple of months he put on 10 lbs, dropped his 40 time from 4.68 to 4.34 and benched 225 33x.

Notice that on the really powerful movements he performs a lot of sets and few reps. What the shit in parentheses means is all notated at the bottom. I don't know what position you play for football, but unless you're the fucking placekicker this workout should suit you just fine.


warm-up + stretching
Kettlebell Swing 1x15
Power Clean 7x1-6
Bench or Incline Press(1) 8x3
Triceps exercise(2) 4x8-15
Circuit(3) 2x1 min. Each
Abs(4) 3x30

Farmer's Walk 4 length
(holding 20-kg plates) of weight room

Neck Lateral Flexion 1-2 2-20


Light warm-up + stretching
Kettlebell Swing (warm-up) 1x15
Explosives(5) 5x1-3
Barbell Squat(1) 8x2
Speed Deadlift (with bands) 8x1
Back Hyperextension 3x15
Calf Raise 3x20
Abs(4) 3x12-30
Dumbbell Clean(6) 4x6


Light warm-up + stretching
Kettlebell Swing (warm-up) 1 15
Power Clean 7x1-6
Bench or Incline Press 8,5,3,1,1,1,1,1(7)
Upper-back exercise 3x8-15
Triceps exercise 5x6
Special exercise 2x10-30
Lat Pulldown or Pull-Up 4x8
Abs(4) 3x12-30
Grip exercise 4x8
Neck Lateral Flexion 2x12-20



Light warm-up + stretching
Kettlebell Swing (warm-up) 1 15
Single-Leg Squat 5x3-5
Explosives5 6x1-3
Reverse Hyperextension 4x6
Posterior Chain (10) 4x8-15
Calf Raise 3x15
Abs(4) 3x12-30
Dumbbell Clean[Clean.sup.9] 4x6
Neck Rotation/Twisting 2x12-20

1 This can be any number of exercises, depending on which one Davis chooses to do, but it's some sort of pressing movement, such as bench on incline presses and squats.

Implements such as chains and elastic bands are always attached to the bar so the resistance becomes greater as the bar is lifted. As the goal here is to improve power and explosiveness, Davis uses a weight that's 50%-60% of his one-rep max (1RM) and does each rep as fast as possible.

2 Can be any number of triceps exercises, such as cable pressdowns, lying barbell extensions or overhead extensions.
3 This consists of three different exercises--for example, a pulling move such as rows, a pushing move such as a chest or triceps move and a shoulder move such as lateral raises --each performed for one minute with no rest between sets.

4 One of any number of exercises that target the upper abs, lower abs or obliques.
5 Typically consists of one of the following exercises: Kaiser squat machine, explosive jumps, kneeling squats, box jumps, box squats.

6 Performed standing on air-filled foot pads or other unstable training tool to enhance balance. Can be done either one leg or two legs at a time.
7 Unlike on Mondays and Tuesdays, Davis uses as heavy a weight as possible for the desired number of reps. After doing sets of 8, 5 and 3, the goals is to work up to doing three singles at or above 90% 1RM.

8 Can be any number of back exercises, such as lat pulldowns, bent-over rows or machine rows, standing high-cable rows (to face), stiff-legged cleans or snatches, seated cleans or shrugs.

9 Can be virtually any pressing exercise of Davis' choice with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, chains, etc. Reps stay somewhere between 10 and 30, stopping around two reps short of failure, resting 3-5 minutes between sets.

10 Typically consists of one of the following exercises: single-leg deadlifts, stiff-legged cleans or snatches or glute-ham raises.


I think you should follow a west side template from Joe DeFranco. It could be especially advantageous to you since you play American football and his routines are heavily catered towards athletes.

Here is the original WS4SB routine:

WS4SB part 3 is more advanced, but the dynamic effort days will help with explosiveness:

I've used the original WS4SB routine to very good effect. There are some good testimonials (which can be found on the site) from other football players who have seen even better results than myself whilst following his programs. I would definetly advise you to follow one of the templates as opposed to the routine you designed yourself.


+1 on ws4sb3,
Very good for athletes.
And skinny bastards, too.

Sorry I didn't read your program, because it was a wall of text. Go back and edit it so there is gaps between days, it will make it much easier to look at. I'm not trying to be an arse, but you will get better critique if it isn't so hard to look at.

IMO, Designing your own program tends to end in failure. I kinda scanned the program and didn't really like what I saw. What are you basing your program off? It's not any kind of trad. split that I can see. It's not total body..

If you liked Starting strength, I think that texas method would be a logical next step.

But because you are football player, and have stated the need/desire for explosiveness, I would go for WS4SB
Just post up the specific choices you make and people will give you some good feedback.