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New Workout


Alright to start this off I made a thread in the bodybuilding section( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/need_a_new_workout ) and I took all the advice they gave me and built my own workout with the help of one one of CT's article ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1701042&cr=bodybuilding ).

First of all I decided to increase my strength since I'm still kinda new to this I figured I'll gain some good size too but after I'm done with my strength phase i'll move to my size gain then to my leaning phase. Each phase is going to be at least 3 months. Does this sound right to you guys?

So hopefully the program I made isn't crap but it's Mondays Hamstrings-Romanian Deadlifts 3-5 reps/5 sets, Good Mornings 3-5 reps/5 sets. Back- Bent over barbell rows 6-8 reps/4 sets, Pull ups As many as I can do and keep increasing or doing them faster every week, Cable seated row 6-8 reps/4 reps.

Tuesdays Quads- Back Squat 3-5 reps/5 sets, Lunges 6-8 reps/set. Chest- Decline Bench 3-5 reps/4 sets, DB bench press 6-8 reps/4 sets, Incline Bench bench 6-8 reps/set. Wednesdays off.

Thursdays Hamstrings- Romanian deadlift 3-5 reps/5 sets, leg press(high on pad) 6-8 reps/5 sets. Arms- Standing barbell curl 3-5 reps/5 sets, Hammer curl 6-8 reps/5 sets. Friday off.

Saturday Quads- Front squats 3-5 reps/5 sets, Leg press 6-8 reps/ 5 sets. Shoulders- Military Press- 3-5reps/4 sets, DB foward swings 6-8 reps/4 sets, DB sideways Swing 6-8 reps/ 4 sets.Sundays off.

On my primary exercises I'm going to rest for like 2 mins between sets and on my secondary and third exercises I'm going to rest for 90 secs but in my rests I'm going to do some ab workouts from the staggered ab workout article until the rest time is up. Tuesdays I plan to do Trunk Flexion, Thursdays Trunk rotation, and Saturdays Trunk stabilization and Lateral flexion.

So there's the workout I made. Any feedback is appreciated and hopefully it isn't that bad because I need to start a workout today.


For "arms" you only work biceps w/ 2 exercises...no triceps?


Whoops On thursdays I forgot to put that i'll also do triceps- Close grip Bench press 3-5/4 sets Tricep dips similar workout as pull ups, and Flat barbell tricep extensions 6-8/ 4 sets


its terrible. really.


Haha alright at least I tried. Any advice?


I'm so confused, why is your whole split based around your quads and your hamstrings? Wait, its just the terrible formating, let me try this again.

You'd be far better off going with a basic push /pull split bud.


Well I haven't been working my legs for a mad long time so I kinda figured I need to start working out legs again. I guess it wasn't a good idea. Do you have a link to a basic push/pull split or can you post one here?


u dont need clutter to get stronger or bigger. if you're a beginner, keep it simple yet demanding. the routine u posted will kill your back, and i bet you havent even attempted it yet, cuz if ya did, you'd know its fucking garbage.

u need basic shit right now.
try this in every workout.


do one exercise for each category 4 - 5 times a day. no need to go heavy just yet. just get your mojo going so you know how to perform the exercises. it'll tune up your body for more demanding exercises further down the road.


1bb bench
2db bench
3overhead press
5push ups


1pull ups
2upright rows
3bent over rows
x pronate grip, hammer, supinated
etc etc etc


3hack squats
4walking/dynamic/reverse/cross lunges
5step ups
frog jumps etc etc etc


A3 B2 C1


A1 B1 C3

etc etc

4 x 12 on all except squats and deads.
try 5 x 5 4 x 8 6 x 6 on *


I agree with this for the most part, but I would DL on pull day and move pull to monday and legs to thursday. I would also avoid BB hacks on top of squats+ deadlifts unless your low back can handle it.