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New Workout Test Subject: Nick


Nick is actually my partner. What makes him special is that he has a full time job as a construction worker (he owns his own company), works around 50 hours a week, he has a 5 years old daughter, and plays hockey at the semi-pro level (he also does boxing fights on the side).

So he is your average Joe who managed to pile on muscle and strength on an hectic schedule.






This makes me happy that it's possible to pack on muscle with that kind of schedule. Considering that I'm going to be in a Ph.D. program soon and that's how my life is gonna get...haha.


Great work, thanks for the update. Nick's physique is something that I'm shooting to look like in about a year. This para-workout protocol is pretty solid.


Hey if you need any new "female workout subjects"..... I'm interested!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah me too for any male subjects, haha... I'll hold my breath! (Seriously though, I just can't wait for the new program to be released, the Finibar price drop, and the release of Anaconda/Casein hydrolysate.) After completing your Get Jacked program, I am looking forward into trasitioning into the new program including the para-workout protocol and protein pulses to put some lean mass on.


I dont know man. nothing average joe about what he does sounds like a stud.


He is a super disciplined hard worker... but as a former fat boy he is still afraid of REALLY trying to gain size.


Nick sounds like a great man, Christian. Being in high-school and working full-time and still balancing weight lifting, I know how it feels not having any free time. But it's all worth it in the end. Free time is for losers and the privileged. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you're doing a great job with him!


So, What was his workout schedule like?
I'm one of those average joes that hits the gym 3x a week with pure dedication. I lift heavy and hard as i only get 3 chances. I'm happy to hear that it's possible to add some serious weight on a hectic schedule. I'm eager to hear what the overall schedule is like for the I,Bodybuilder regime, but am more curious if it'll fit my life. ANy hints as to the minimum requirements for time? I assume that Nick is an example of the results that can be accomplished where time is scarce.



I am curious about his stats. Height, body fat %, age, etc.

As for his workout program, diet, etc, I'm sure we can all wait until I, Bodybuilder is officially released.

Thanks CT


5'8", 196, 8% bodyfat, 30 years old, has a young daugther, his favorite color is blue and he likes long walks in the park


What is this? The dating game?



I'm glad that someone picked up on it!


Thanks for the inspiration for us regular dudes, Nick takes it to the next level. Thib, what was Nick's training/diet like to cut down to where he is today? I assume just like your refined physique transformation article, but you know what happens when you assume.


Good work....but is he curling at the squat rack?!


In front of the squat rack. This picture wasn't actually during a workout. I took it at the end of a workout where there is the best lighting in the gym.


Oh, that was a close thing... But he's excused :wink:


But to be honest we do use the rack for curls. We have a special technique that actually requires it.