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New Workout Test Subject: Keven


Here is another one of the test subject for the new training system and para-workout protocol. Keven is 20 years old and when he started the workouts he was completely detrained. On these pics he is 10 weeks out of his contest, around 215 anb 5'9".






I might be biased because I train him, but to me he looks like the second coming of Steve Reeves.


Wow, great quad cuts at 10 weeks out. How much do ya think he'll come in at contest day Thibs?



Any before pics?


Exactly 186.9lbs (middleweight class limit at nationals is 187)


Wow, that is amazing work! How are you keeping these guys so lean while putting on that much muscle with your program?


And for the ones who still asking for recent pictures of you, a nice preview or your left arm/shoulder on pic #2-3. Ha! Ha!

Have a nice day.


Lol, you're so precise it's amazing.



Wow. Do you have any "before" pictures? And how long did it take to get to this point?


The way I see it is that roughly 70-80% of the gains you make can be stimulated via proper para-workout nutrition. While dieting hard the rest of the day might limit how much muscle you put on, if para-workout protocol is perfect then you can still gain muscle while losing fat.


Funny story, when I was in St. Louis I was training this golfer. Before he stepped on our electronic scale he asked me how much he weighted. "181.7" I said.. he stepped on the scale and was something like 183.5. I said "take off your cap" and he was exactly 181.7... he never looked at me quite the same way after that!


He is very well proportioned in my opinion. Very nice lats on that small waiste really makes him look huge.


I work with christian since 10week!
I start my prep at 205 and now im at 215 with a very different conditioning!!


Wow! I wish when being "completely detrained" still looking like that...


So you're dieting "up"?! Damn I'm doing something wrong! -lol. Great stuff bro.



If you can condition yourself like Kevin Norbert in ten weeks and gain 10 pounds of muscle (if not more)

Those are definetly the days I wish I wasnt grounded and stuck to my shitty dumbbells


Yeah, but keep in mind that he had not trained for 3 months so some of the muscle was regained. He did progress faster than expected though.


Hey Thibs, just curious, but what kind of hat weighs 1.8 lbs? perhaps you meant a vintage WWII German army helmet?