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New Workout Scheme

Alright, heres the deal, I’m a college kid and I don’t have that much time on my hands to workout. I can watch my diet okay, but I’m not to the point where I have a journal, only because I’m a freshman, and we must eat the food on campus (unfortunately, because the food is so bad for me I end up eating sandwhiches and salads for two meals out of the day). I have actually made big gains though, even though I can’t really watch my diet too well, my bench went from 95 to 140 in about 10 weeks, and I’ve gained one inch in my chest and arms, increasing my body weight from 160 to 172, all while keeping my body fat at around 10-12% (so I’m 5’10, 172, 10-12% bf). For the past 10 weeks, I have been going by this workout scheme, which I admit is kind of extreme in that it takes about an hour and 30 minutes to complete (I’ve probably annihilated more than stimulated (sorry for that plug :slight_smile: )). By the by, my goal is weight gain/hypertrophy. I don’t really want to be some huge ass bodybuilder, I’m actually trying to gain weight so I can play rugby next year and not get killed by the 245 lb drunken fatties on the team.

5x5 Bench Press
3X5 Incline Bench Press
3x5 Dumbell Curls (done on an incline bench… i don’t know what the proper name for the excercise would be)
3x5 Barbell curls ( hands closer in to work the outer bicep)
3x5 Close grip Bench press
30 Wide Grip Pull Ups

W/(I started going on Sundays 2 weeks ago):
5x5 Heavy Squats
5x5 Bent-over Rows
3x20 Standing Calf Raise w/ Dumbell

I know I’m going to get torn apart for this excercise, but please do, I know it can’t be all that great because It really incorporates too much stuff.

I get out of school in 4 weeks, so I want to have one excercise for 4 weeks that stresses Hypertrophy, but not overtraining. Thankfully, Summer is coming up soon and I was thinking of doing OVT.

So, I need help formulating a new excercise that I can do for 4 weeks, so that I can hopefully gain some more weight and put another inch on my chest and arms. Since my arms are 13" and chest is 38", I figure that it will be best for me to take out the isolation excercises for my arms, and just do weighted dips and wide grip pull ups instead. However, I wonder if I should do dips on the days I do bench or not?

So heres what I am thinking for these last weeks of school, and maybe even some of summer depending on how good it is, but please give me any suggestions whatsoever, because I am still an amatuer at this ( I have excellent form, but I’m not that knowledgable about what I should put in my excercises)

5x5 Bench Press
3x5 Incline Bench Press
6X5 Wide Grip Pull Ups

5x5 Heavy Squats
(I need a good ham excercise)
5x5 Weighted Dips
5x5 Bent Over Row
3x20 Standing Calf Raise
3x10 Roman Chairs

Or if this is not good at all, could you point me to a few hypertrophy excercises? Chad Waterbury’s ABBH looks good, I also like how OVT looks, but it has a lot of isolation excercises.

I’m really confused.

If you are trying to gain weight for rugby, why do biceps directly?

First Off, I admire your courage for posting your home made routine. And just because you weight 245, doesnt mean you are fatty:( . Anyways I would suggest more compound movements, and maybe another day of training(if you can) for arm work alone. Maybe add some more rows, and back work. Also keep creating your custom workouts, but after about 5-8 weeks I would change it up a bit. Since your playing rugby, why not have a short strength only phase? about 3 weeks or so, then you can switch back to your hypertrophy phase.

so then for working my bis/tris, should I substitute wide grip pull ups/ dips? And also, if I work Chest on M/F is it bad for me to do dips on W/Su, since dips also work the chest, but secondarily?

yes make those substiutions, and no it is not bad. you can make a concentrated effort with ur tri’s by keeping ur arms tucked in.