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Weight:135 at 10-12% BF

I’ve been lifting hard for about 4 months now and have packed on muscle and lost fat, a total of 10 pounds gain(probably 15 lbs muscle gain and 5 fat loss). I eat very healthy (5 meals, lots of protein, high quality carbs(oatmeal/cereal) and fats(from fish))

My legs are real weak b/c I didn’t work them since I was in track season and needed to run 5-6 days a week. So legs are my first priority.

As my name says I’m more interested in strength gains (for sports) than muscle appearance…

Here’s my split
A Day: Hams and Quads
B Day: Abs and Calves
C Day:Off(Running,swimming,or biking)
D Day:Chest and Triceps
E Day:Back and Bi’s
F Day:Shoulders
G Day:Off(Run,swim,or bike)

Can you guys tell me what excersizes and order to do to maximize strength gains
And Criticize my split