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New Workout - Please Critique

would like to know what you thought of this routine. by the way im a beginner and jus started bbing properly nw.

bench db
inc bench db
flys/cable cross over
standing db tri extension
tri push dwn

pull down
1 arm db row
low cable row
hammer curl
ez barbell curl

db shoulder press
lat raise
bent over raise
upright row

hack squat
stiff leg deadlift
calf raise

It’s a cookie cutter beginner’s routine. There are much better options. Do a search for the “300 workout” and tell me what you think. I got great results from doing it for 2 months.

If you are a beginner, then I would do something like this:


Military Press


Bent Rows
Barbell Curls

Here is your set up:

Monday: workout A

Wednesday: workout B

Friday: workout A

Monday: workout B

and on and on…

Do as many warm-ups as you think you need to just warm up (not fatigue), then do 2 full work sets for 8 reps each. As soon as you can do all 8 reps, increase the weight for the next time. You want to be really straining and failing on the 8th rep. Take as much time between the 2 work sets as you need to fully re-charge and attack it hard.

Go up in weights as fast as you can over the workouts. Track only your progress in the works sets. Write this down and beat it next time.

For pull ups, just do as many as you can over 4 sets (increasing the total number of reps every time).

Do this for 2 months (while eating a caloric surplus focus on lots of lean protein so you grow) and report back. At that point, assuming you have progressed like you should, things will get split up further.

IMHO, this is the best, simplest way for you to start out and progress quickly.

ok great, a routine.

what are your goals?