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New Workout Plan


Hey, ive started working out again for about 3 weeks now and people have told me online that i should switch to an actual workout plan instead of just doing a bunch of workouts that i choose to do.
Ive been looking into this plan that is also on T-Nation.

Can someone tell me if this is a good plan to follow? If i drop my current workout routine i wanna know that the new one i pick up is gonna be worth it.

My current routine is this:
Bicep curls - 20-30 reps
Bicycles - 25-35 reps
Tricep extensions - 50-60 reps
Planking - 100-120 seconds
Shoulder flys - 15-25 reps
Wrist curls (palms facing down) - 25-35
Wrist curls (palms facing up) - 25-35
Ab workout where you raise your legs and crunch at the same time - 15-25

I only do two sets of these workouts, but 5 days a week, and all are in this order, and i make sure to increase the numbers weekly. I also do these until failure.

So, should i completely drop this routine and pick up the one in the link? Help is greatly appreciated!


Yes, you should drop this routine and do the one in the link.


For the love of all that is holy, please drop that stupid shit you were doing and follow the plan that you linked.


Worth it?

You've been lifting for three weeks and came up with a program that trains only your arms and abs, neglecting the largest muscle groups on your body, while using high reps and light weights.

The program you linked to was designed by a neurophysiologist who's made a career of training pro athletes and celebrities, and has a track record of many successful programs that build size and strength.

But really, it's your call if you think it's going to be "worth it" or not.


Alright, i'll start doing this workout from now on. thanks guys!


My favorite thing about this is the fact that wrist curls comprise 25% of his program. AH MAY ZEENG.

Also, what are bicycles? (if anybody posts a picture of an actual bicycle, I'll send an internet punch your way.)


This is a horrible workout. You need at least 2 more types of curls (IMO, preacher curls and standing BB curls in the squat rack), decline bench, skullcrushers, and shrugs. Your "bro card" is so fucking revoked it's not even funny...


I just saw in another thread that you're 16 years old, not 20 like your profile says. That changes my advice quite a bit.

I suggest starting with a bodyweight routine that's still much better-designed that what you've been doing. I prefer younger guys build a base with basic full-body bodyweight stuff before advancing to free weights because it builds strength, muscle, endurance, balance, and can help to prevent injuries.

3 Days a Week
A) Squat 2x12-15 (feet flat on the ground through each rep)
B) Push-up 2x12-15 (legs straight, never knees on the floor. Elevate hands if needed)
C) Alternating lunge 2x10-15 per leg
D) Neutral-grip pull-up (assisted if needed) or horizontal "fat-man" row 2x12-15
E) Plank 2x15-count
F) Burpee 2x12-15 (4-count movement. No jump needed.)

As soon as that's easy from start to finish, move right into the Waterbury program. Just my two cents.

Pretty sure he's referring to bicycle crunches, alternating right knee to left elbow-left knee to right elbow.


ummm, where is leg day?