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New Workout Plan

I have been thinking about my physical goals lately and have decided to try and come up with a plan that will achieve them. In essence I am an all around athlete. I run fast, jump high and far, have good endurance, good coordination, am relatively strong and explosive etc…

So I want to continue to do all these things well, but not only that, do them all better. I want to be able to go to the park, and play a pickup game of basketball. I want to be able to dominate our annual guys no pads tackle football game on thanksgiving. I want to be able to enter our local 10 road race in Utica the Boilermaker and post a good time. I want to be able to punch someone hard if the need ever arises. Etc…

My plan is to have a 4 day split where I focus one one training aspect and hit it hard.

Mondays I will go to my local track and do jumping drills, Long jumps, jumping for height, one leg bounds, double leg jumps etc… Just as many different jumps as I can do to really get a good workout in. I own the strength shoes so eventually I will incorporate those into this routine.

Tuesdays I will punch and kick. I’ll hang a heavy bag in my gym and go apeshit on it for up to an hour. Punching combinations, kicking combinations, knees, elbows, anything I can throw at the bag for an hour or so.

Wednesday is my golf league so thats a rest day / hand eye coordination training.

Thursday I will hit my home gym, the big three and i’ll rotate some helper moves to hit any percieved weakpoints. One week out of a month, I’ll do explosive lifts instead of the bg three, snatches, cleans etc…

Friday I’ll run. I’ll start off with a five mile run, and after a rest period, do some sprints. Every week I’ll alternate which I do first.

I currently weigh about 195 at 6’0" so i’m not looking to add a ton of mass, If I moved up to 210 over the course of a year i’d be happy. Really i’m just looking to do everything I do good now a bit better than I do now. I won’t be able to do this much past fall due to the availability of some of the facilities I will be using. so i’ll see what I can do over the next 6 months on this program.


Not to be a dick or anything, but if your goal isn’t bodybuilding, why would you post this in the BB Forum?

[quote]Vanilla-Gorilla wrote:
Not to be a dick or anything, but if your goal isn’t bodybuilding, why would you post this in the BB Forum?[/quote]

Not sure, it’s not a strength sport, or a combat sport either. I’m not a beginner and I’m not over 35. I’m not a woman, It’s not a training log… It’s nothing to do with V-Diet, Supplements or Photos. I could go on if you want me to. I guess I just figured that maybe I would get some feedback on a workout plan from people who think about workout plans and how they measure up when looking at a specific set of goals.

Also I’ve got roughly 3000 more posts than you do and there is a handful of people here who have been here longer, so maybe next time you feel like taking on the role of forum moderator you should take a step back, think about what your about to add to the forum, and try to decide if it’s really all that helpful.


Okay, just thought the bodybuilding forum should be about…oh, maybe…bodybuilding. Also, doesn’t seem like anyone else (like the guys with a ton of posts or who have been here longer) is adding anything to this discussion.

But, I will help.

It doesn’t seem like you are performing each discipline with enough frequency to see marked improvement in any of them. I would find a way to increase the your exposure to each stimulus over your training week.

While I personally think TBT sucks for bodybuilding purposes, it may be just what the doctor ordered to assist you in becoming a well-rounded athlete. But perform it more than ONCE per week! C’mon!!!

Likewise, if you hope to make any progress with the OLs, I don’t think Once per month is adequate.

Of course, you’re free to do as you please. Try your plan for a few months. If you get the results you want, cool. Otherwise, change it.

Ok plan, but I think you could definitely increase total volume. Working a heavy bag will get you really really tired, but it shouldn’t take very long to recover from, and your plyo day doesn’t involve extremely demanding exercises (like depth jumps). So even if you work pretty hard you should recover quickly. I would add in some more lifting days, especially if you are trying to gain some mass.

Then again, if you don’t want to be working out every single day, yours is a good option.

Then there is the middle road. You could adapt a westside template pretty easily to your needs. The plyo jumps work well before max effort leg day (albeit lower volume), and the same goes for the boxing stuff, which could also go on a day of its own. The running would obviously have to go on a day of its own.

M Dyn. Upp Bod
T Dyn. Low Bod
W Golf
Th Max Upp
Fr Max Low with plyos
Su Sprint/Running day

And do the boxing either Thursday or Saturday, making it a 5-6 day split.

Thanks for the replies.

I do want to try to leave my weekends open. I know there will be many that i just won’t be able to workout due to a lot of golf tournaments and camping trips. We pack a lot into the weekends here in Upstate NY, we only get about 4 months per year of really nice weather so it’s hard to miss those opportunities.

And if I’m only going to be able to hit 50% of my scheduled weekend workouts, I’d rather leave them as rest days and add in some more work on the weekdays.

What about doing some of the cardio type stuff in the AM on two of the weekdays. Like I could do my running splits on tuesday mornings before work, and then on thursday mornings do the heay bag work. I could then still work in some work with wights on those days without really killing myself.