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New Workout Plan Development


Im coming off several injuries. And was getting back at it. My background has been plagued with inconsistencies due to repetitive injuries over the last few years so i want to make sure i have the volume and frequency i need but also adequate recovery.

ive done a full budy routine in the past that I benefited from but i was also looking at the body part per day program also. Wanted to get peoples opinions and see what you think.

Im just started on trt, but this is not training while on cycle. Id like to workout consistant for some time and stay injury free as well as get my body fat down some.


Kind of confused here…are you still talking TRT or a actual cycle?


Sorry. Trt. Im not on cycle. Thats why im concerned with adequate recovery.


If this helps from talking with others its wise to approach any type of lifting on TRT the same you would if you where not on it. Apparently when some guys first start TRT they think that they can go hog wild on the volume and intensity and thats not the case.


Thats kinda what i was wondering. Thanks


your welcome…apologizes on my post I didnt proof read and had to go back through and clean it up.