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New Workout Now?

So Ive been on fierce 5 for 18 weeks, went thrue 1 Deload ( 5 days off) and a few reset on some lift ( 1x rdl 1x pendlays 2x Ohp 1x squat 1xBench) And I havnt progressed much for a while on Iso Lift like Facepulls/tricept pressdown/curl/latpulldown

Im 32 years old 5’10 177lbs Right now but been there for a month or so
When I started I was 168lbs

Here are My Starting Numbers / actual numbers
Squat 135 / 260
Bpress 115/155
Pendlay 95 /155
Facepull 25/45
Tricept pressdown 30/50
Paused Back squat 135/225
Ohp 95/100
Rdl 95/175
Lat pulldown 90/125
ez barbell curl 60/65

Seems like ive stalled on most lift do I just go banana on food and keep going at it or its time for a change? what do you suggest?

What is your daily calorie intake?

roughly eating at maintance im not bulkin or cutting so give or take 3k

yeah move on to a classic 5x5 like Bill Starr/madcow or start to run through programs off this site. This is a good start…

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