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New workout/method needed


Hey guys. I discovered T-mag Nov. 2/2002, and after reading various articles on basic lifting and techniques, I implemented various changes in my regimen that worked out very well for me (tempo importance, nutrition, periodization, etc). I had lifted on and off for about 8 years, nothing serious, so the principles I discovered here really helped me out. This is what happened:

Nov 2/02 Present
Wt. 174 202
Bench: 200 365
Deads: 0 405
DB shoulder press: 50 110

I guess those are all the major lifts I do. I don't do squats because of a previous back injury, and have only recently begun doing deads (I like 'em!)

My workouts have been a regimented periodization program of 6 weeks strenth/6 weeks growth, working out 4 times a week. My results seem to indicate progress, but the thing is, most of my gains came on pretty rapidly, in about 6 months. In the past 6 months, I've only added 5 pounds to my body, and not much to my major lifts. My workouts consist of 25-30 sets on average. I'm currently doing the workout suggested a few weeks ago here written by Chad Waterbury: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/284big.jsp

I modified it a bit to do different leg stuff instead of squats, though. (Leg presses and barbell deads instead of DB deads). Prior to this, I worked on probably 80% compound lifts only; dips, chinups of various kinds, presses of all kinds, rows, hack squats (barbell), deadlifts, and curls for arm stuff.

My diet is pretty well dialed in. I eat a cup of oatmeal every morning, without fail. Lunches are whole grain breads, tuna, and fruit only, each day. Dinner is nearly always chicken/vegetable or steak/vegetable, or whole wheat pasta with beef/chicken. Chips, desserts, etc. are at a minimum. I have a pre-workout shake with dextrose and maltodextrin, and a post workout shake of 3:1 carbs/protein. Before bed, I have a big shake with 80 grams of protein. It should be noted I like milk - my shakes and oatmeal all have milk in them. This diet is pretty regimented, but I'm human. I have pizza and white pasta sometimes, and cake and anything else a normal human being likes to consume. Not too often though. Also, I never drink, not even a little bit.

My goal is primarily to get bigger (surprise, surprise!). From my results, it looks like this is happening, but on this regimine, I have noticed more fat than usual on my body. I have trained even harder to compensate for this, but my lifts have stayed fairly stagnant for a few months now. I don't know what methods I should be following to counteract this. I want to be a hard 210 or so, and it's proving extremely difficult to do. Most guys would say, "it's your diet, stupid!" But anytime I add some extra quality calories to my diet (more morning oatmeal, a morning shake, etc.) the past few months, it seems to just get added on as fat instead.

From what I have posted, what could I change to improve my results? Are my expectations too high, or am I on target to hit my goal in a year or so doing what I'm doing? Taking any supplement other than creatine or protein is not an option for me. My t-levels are normal as proven by a recent medical test.

I just feel like I'm doing the same old thing, and when I begin my new latest "hypertrophy stage" my numbers look essentially the same as when I last did it. Any help would be appreciated from those in the know, or even pointing me towards a good new workout/philosophy. There are so damn many on here, I just don't know what school of thought to take.


i didnt read all the details simply because it is too long. if you feel like you are doing the same thing just pick a different program every 3 weeks or so. there is a million here to choose from. also give massive eating a read.


First, I think your results are very good. You've made a ton of progress, I think. Two quick suggestions are that you may need to cut down slightly on your volume of work(try 12-15 sets per w/o) and you may want to try sprinting or some cardio work to get harder.


I'd have to say that for gaining weight Just about everyone who uses the WSB template gains size and strength. Weighted GPP can help add on some mass (wheelbarrow/Sled)

For fat maintenance you can add in a couple sprint sessions (CT's Running man) and a couple of Davies Style GPP sessions (See Renegade Training article)

If I was doing the Sprints and Davies GPP then I'd initially nix the weighted GPP.


Hi Strato,

First of all, congratulations on your progress! I remember when you first came onto the site about a year ago... Nice that you've stuck with it and made some changes. :slight_smile:

As for your current goals, I think that you need to make a decision about what you want to do: get stronger or cut fat. Now that you're beyond your "newbie gains", it'll be difficult to do both at the same time.

Personally, I like what Squatty said above. The Westside template has worked for pretty much anyone and everyone, including yours truly. So if you want to get bigger and stronger, give it a shot.

As for cutting fat, I like and can recommend Joel's CD/EDT program as being about the best out there if you want to maintain your strength while doing it. If you do a search here it should come up (it was posted as a thread rather than an article on T-Mag). One thing is that it requires some other supplementation, but nothing too radical. If you don't want to use 4-AD-EC, then check out JMB's site, where there's an updated version of the plan.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Char-dog! It's been a lot of hard work and a lot of reading to get to where I am, but for now I do feel like I'm kind of stuck. I see guys a lot far ahead than me and I want it for myself. I'll read into the program you mentioned...The WSB stuff seems to get a lot of good feedback on here, so maybe it's for me. All I know is, simple periodization for the past 4-6 months isn't cutting it for me.I do plan to stay away from the supplements though (4-AD, etc.)