New Workout I've Been Hearing About

So there’s this new workout I’ve been hearing about…goes something like this…

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Then repeat as needed through the week.

You do three sets for each, your first set has 4 reps at a heavy weight for you.
Your second set is your normal “set” weight, whatever you can usually do 10 with.
Your third set, is at a light weight where you do 40 sets.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like it would be one hell of a workout. I could be wrong.
Anyone ever try this one? If so, does it work?


I don’t really think this corresponds to the off topic forum. That template might work, but I think you would be even better benefited by either searching up articles relating to program design or use one of the many training regiment programs that are readily available (and much better thought out) on the site. But that’s just my 7 cents, which wouldn’t even cover tax on most things in Texas.

Squats and milk…great addition to the topic!

carlthescorp, thanks for the opinion and such. I’ve got my own routine and stuff…I was just curious if anyone heard about this (besides me) and if it actually works.

move shoulders to day 2 and you have yourself a “program”

To me you’ll be contradicting on what your trying to achieve. You doing three different rep schemes on three different sets. This might be considered one of those phenomena “Muscle Confusion”.

I persoanlly like to go heavy on everything. I just like the feeling of it compared to lifting something 40+ times. I feel as if I am wasting my time/gains in the gym lifting 40+ times.

fuzzyapple, you have a good point…

apparently, the point behind this exercise is to “get bigger and lean out all at once!”

[quote]BodyByGame20 wrote:
fuzzyapple, you have a good point…

apparently, the point behind this exercise is to “get bigger and lean out all at once!”[/quote]

Okay this is just advertising right there to suck people in. Everyone wants to be big and lean so then look for programs that advocate this. Then someone makes a program up then slaps a title on it stating that claim and people buy it. It’s been said before doing high reps doesn’t lean you out/tone you up.

Well… I’ve not tried it, but I think it would work, as you get a bit of everything.

Problem is though, since you get a bit of everything, you don’t get much of anything.

It seems like it’s one of those flavor of the month things they sell magazines with and what personal trainers make a living out of. Sure, you’ll see some gains and lean out a bit, but nothing to brag about (though that’s exactly what people who follow this sort of stuff typically does).

Skwat & Milk!

So…what have we reached here? Does it work? Does it not?

What if you added a bit of weight each week?

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:

Legpresses & soymilk man

I read it, I know.

I’m not sure what your goals are? I don’t think it would be especially beneficial for hypertrophy, but try it out and prove me wrong.

Haha…oh carlthescorp, I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong. I guess I’m asking around to see if this will be a waste of time or not.

Move the shoulders onto your arm day and keep legs all by themselves and it could work. This program is neither new nor groundbreaking. Just a very basic program with a rep scheme that is different from the usual 10 rep sets. That is a fairly well known 3 day organization scheme (chest/back, arms/shoulders, legs) that has its pro’s and cons like everything else.

IMO the rep scheme does nothing well. Your CNS is not primed for the 1st heavy set because you haven’t warmed up and gotten ready, so you don’t get the most out of that. Your second set is a typical BB style set, nothing special. And the 3rd set is worthless, except for a pump, because you haven’t done enough overall work to benefit from a high rep flushing set.

Ramping up weights in each set would be more efficient for your CNS. As would a warm up and straight sets for mechanical fatigue.

I think it’s shitty.

Dude, shoulders and legs on the same day? Fuck that.

Oh, and “cutting up” is diet driven, not high reps or any of that nonsense.

I dont see foam rolling…