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New Workout Design Help

Ok, im trying to get myself a better workout base to work with.

Currently 93kg 5’10" (I’ve managed to lose about 6kg of bodyweight in the last month, and strength is about the same).

I’m trying to lose more weight (not through my lifting though), as well as develop explosive strength, max strength, muscle endurance (in that order). Flexibility too, i stretch a lot and i think i’ve got that one worked out at least.

I do capoeira 2 times a week (sometimes 3) for 1.5 hours.

Today I busted the routine that the PT at the local gym had given me, basically a 3 day “bodybuilding split” that seems to go against the grain of what i want to achieve.

I did:

Deadlifts (new for me): 5 x 1-2 reps with very short rests (15s max) @ 110kg

One-arm side press: 2 x 3 on each arm at 27.5kg

Dumbell lunges: 2 x 8 (alternating sides) 30kg dumbell in each hand

Wide grip Chins: 3 x 4 (just short of failure)

Dips: 3 x 5 (ditto)

Calf raises: 2 x 8.

Obviously this is a low volume workout, but i feel that if the other 2-3 workouts in the week include some olympic style lifts (ie. push presses, snatch, cleans etc) it would be a good workout for me.

Any thoughts/opinions (or suggestions to fill out the rest of the week?)

Did you read the “21 day itch” article by Charles Staley? I was very excited to see that one because it was an affirmation of my favorite training format… Train with weights three times per week but switch disciplines each day. Charles recommends powerlifting on day one, olympic lifting on day two and bodybuilding on your third workout of the week.

My own training differs somewhat in that I don’t bodybuild the trird day, I use my strongman equipment instead.

Either way, you train for max strength, explosive strength and hypertrophy or “functional” (there’s that word again!) strength as in my case.

Yeah, I did read that article, it was excellent… Thats actually part of what inspired the change.

What I really wanted to know was what to do in regards to sets/reps/loading on Olympic days… but rereading the article has given me the answer to that.

The other question I guess is this… Is the order of the workouts of any significance?

I do martial arts Monday and Friday… This would be “Sweat Day”

So would this work?

Monday “Sweat Day”
Tuesday “Powerlifting Day”
Wednesday “Rest Day”
Thursday “Olympic Day”
Friday “Sweat Day”
Saturday “Bodybuilding Day”
Sunday “Strongman Day”

Your sweat days seem fixed. Don’t “sweat” it (man, I’m good).

The only days I see as a toss up is Olympic and Powerlifting days. Both require a huge amount of force production and a bit of technical skill. I bet you could rotate these and be fine. Bodybuilding uses less loading, more reps and by definition is less intense (% of 1RM) so I would save that for day 3.