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New Workout, Critique Needed

Hi guys, I’ve been working out for 3 years now using a tradition 2 day on one day off split. I recently changed workouts and it goes like this
Monday- chest back(heavy)
Bench press- 4 sets 6reps
Incline dumbbell press- 4 sets 6reps
Weighted dips(chest targeted)3 sets8reps
Weighted pull ups -3sets 8reps
Bent over barbell row -4sets 6reps
T bar row - 4sets 6reps
Shoulder press, lateral raise superset 3sets 8reps

Wednesday- legs
Squats- 5 sets 5 reps
Leg press- 3 sets 8reps
Leg extension- 3 sets 10reps
Leg curl- 3sets 10 reps
Standing calf raise- 3 sets 12 reps

Friday - chest back (light)
Flat dumbbell press 3sets 8reps
Incline chest press smith machine- 3sets 10 reps
Decline close grip barbell press-2sets 12 reps
Incline flys- 2sets 12 reps
Close grip lateral pull down- 3sets 10 reps
Horizontal body weight row- 3sets 10 reps
Seated cable row- 2sets 12 reps
Good mornings- 2sets 12 reps
Preacher curl tricep extension superset 3sets 12 reps

Now I’ve only done this workout for 3 weeks but feel stronger and more pumped than ever. Guys at my gym have been telling me I’m doing too much by doin chest and back twice a week but I disagree as I’m going heavy then light and only doing 3 exercises on my chest and back on my heavy days. As you can see I’m not doing much isolated shoulder work but I feel by doing chest twice a week I’m already using my shoulders enough. Same goes for arms. They get hit quite enough throughout the week. Can you guys give me your opinions please

It feels like a rather long list of exercises without any particular rhyme or reason to me.

Is this getting you the results you want so far?

I actually really like the idea of your split, but I think you are doing too many exercises.

I honestly don’t get what’s wrong with the hundreds of professionally written programs that have been tried and tested for you and are available for free on this site. It honestly baffles me that people bother to write their own, inferior versions.