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New Wonder Woman


DC Comics gives Wonder Woman a makeover

Say goodbye to the bustier and hotpants: Wonder Woman is getting a makeover at the age of 69, and the heroine is now keeping herself covered while fighting crime.

The new costume, created by celebrated artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, is made up of a red top with the signature "WW" logo; a cropped blue biker jacket with white stars; and skin-tight navy blue pants and matching boots.

"The bracelets are still there, but made more colorful, tied on the inside and over the hand, with a script W on each of them that form WW when she holds them side by sideâ?¦and if you get hit by one of them, it leaves a W mark," said writer J. Michael Straczynski, in a post on DC Comics's "The Source." "This is a Wonder Woman who signs her work."

The edgier outfit will be unveiled in issue No. 600 of "Wonder Woman," which hits stands today. The origins of the Amazon princess are also reinvented: Instead of being raised on Paradise Island, the young Diana is smuggled out as a child while her Amazon sisters remain behind and are murdered.

J. Michael Straczynski - who penned the screenplay for Angelina Jolie's 2008 drama "Changeling" - is taking over the comic book series, and he told the New York Times that he's excited about Wonder Woman's new wardrobe.

"She's been locked into pretty much the exact same outfit since her debut in 1941," Straczynski said. "If you're going to make a statement about bringing Wonder Woman into the 21st century, you need to be bold and you need to make it visual. I wanted to toughen her up, and give her a modern sensibility."

And besides, he added, "What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?"


I don't know if I am a fan of the new outfit.


It needs a ghey green hat.


by J. Scott Campbell.


I am down with that. She simply can not be taken seriously today wearing what she is...especially if they plan on live action movies in the future.

She looks like a super stripper.


I know it's a cartoon and all, but Hubba Hubba.


Oh snap, a jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Edgier, indeed.

BUT, JMS is one of the best writers to grace the comic rack; he'll pull it off.


Yeah...that pic is the best I have ever seen her drawn.




I think a wonderwoman re-do is great. the last cartoon she was in was probably one of the best dc releases in a few years.


A lil too conservative and uninspired, they gotta do something about her shoe game too.


I don't like it at all. The original Wonder Woman outfit wasn't combat effective in anyway possible, but still better than this new one.



All comic movies are lame

Morbius would be ill


I won't care until the outfit (whatever it is) has a smokin hot actress stuffed inside of it.


I heard the new Superman books coming out has him walking around the globe apologizing and "getting in touch" with the citizens of earth because he didn't do laser surgery on a dying boy with brain cancer and the mom got mad?


What the hell?

WW needs to be in panties.

Superman needs to be wreckin' shit with his laser eyes, not doing surgery.


Now that you mention it, she isn't showing enough skin....but still, that original outfit just made no sense seeing as it was a suit of armor made by the Gods that was supposed to pretty much make her invincible. What kind of armor is a thong, a true wonder-bra and some go-go boots? Oh, but wait, she had magic 1/2 inch bracelets for the bullets.........


OG's first WW is as lame as your typical suburban soccer mom. The second, though.... HOT


Exactly, a soccer mom that shops at her daughter's stores and is still in a Member's Only jacket.

Jim Lee is the one who drew the new Wonder Woman. I am kinda surprised, the man loves woman skin all over the place.



You know who's a wonder woman? MY MOM!