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New WNBF Pro (The Mighty) Stu Yellin

I know not everyone reads my little contest thread, but this past Saturday, in NYC, I won my pro card at the always highly competitive INBF Hercules Competition. Now, in addition to my previous pro card (in the USBF), I am also a WNBF Pro. For anyone who doesn’t follow the ‘natty’ side of the sport, there are multiple federations, each with varying regions, and rules and regulations regarding banned substances etc. The WNBF is easily the largest, most well known, highest respected, and most stringent in it’s rules and judging criteria. Admittedly I went into this show dearly wanting to win, but knowing that even a top 3 finish in this particular show would be amazing. Everyone in my class had a ton of size, good conditioning, and could have walked away with 1st place in a ‘lesser’ show without breaking a sweat. I definitely fought the hardest lineup I’ve ever been in this time.

Something interesting I realized though, was that despite my constantly saying how I’ve been competing for 3 years, my first show being in May of 2009, it’s really only been 2 years. In those 2 years, I’ve secured quite a list of 1st place trophies, a couple of overall wins, and two (TWO!) pro Cards. I’ve certainly been steam rolling my way through the sport.

My girlfriend, after watching and supporting me in my previous contest endeavors decided that she was also going to compete in this contest. While I had a ton of faith in her, as well as my own knowledge in steering her in to game day in the best condition possible, I knew, and stressed to her the caliber of competitor who would show up to ‘do battle’. Long story short, my girl walked away EASILY winning the Novice Figure class. In both of our respective classes, we started on the end, only to be quickly moved to the center for the rest of the comparisons. By the night’s end, we were each sporting very large trophies to accompany our ridiculous looking fake tans.

When I walked offstage after my class, I was quickly given a sheet of paper and invited to a photoshoot the next morning for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine. When the photographer realized that Cat had also won her class, she ended up getting into the shoot as well!

People keep asking me what I do now with 2 cards, and I realize that the WNBF is very strict in their exclusivity policy. Basically if I decided to compete as a pro with them, I can no longer compete in other federations. Obviously I have very positive feelings for the USBF, as the other competitors and judges have been so supportive of me since my very first show. Still, I realize that the greater scope of the WNBF, and the publicity it would allow me would do wonders for my prep and coaching services, as well as any writing I do. At 38, I know I’m not going to be strutting onstage in 10 years, so I have to make my ‘mark’ now as visibly as I can. It’s going to be one wild ride, and I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed of the trials and tribulations it presents me with.

In the meantime, I’m just looking forward to a customized Weight Belt my brother ordered for me. It says ‘YELLIN’ in big letters, with ‘USBF & WNBF Pro’ underneath. So F-ing Cool! -lol :smiley:


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Stu, you da man!
When I found out you’d won yesterday, I felt starstruck. I said, “I’ve PMed and chatted w/ Stu, and he’s an f-ing pro!” Good job man!

Congrats Stuart.

I’m happy for you,really. Can’t even imagine how you feel right now…or when you were announced a champ.

Will you sign a few of my bodyparts?

Congrats Stu. Badass work

Awesome man, congrats!

Awesome work stu, despite your success you still seem to remain humble and grounded, a very rare and positive quality.

Congrats man!
Have you decided yet if you’re going to pursue a pro career in the WNBF or stick with the smaller divisions for now?

(sorry if my reading comprehension fails, I read your post twice and didn’t see if you posted a definitive answer).

congrats man, very motivational and inspiring, update with pics when you have time

Congrats Stu, I can’t think of many that deserve it more.

Stu n Cat, Both of you totally kicked ASS! I was very happy that I got to attend. Knew you were a master of contioning Stu, this absulutly confirms it. You nailed it. It was a close call between you and the overall winner,could of went anyway. If Victor Martinez could get his conditioning down like you do,he would never lose a show! When I saw Cat come out on the stage I was in awe! Being your better half Stu, I should have expected her to be that good, but still it was amazing to see. Good luck to both of you in the future. one thing I know is that no one will be better prepared to walk out on stage then you guys!

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Will you sign a few of my bodyparts?[/quote]

You’re gonna get us caught.

EDIT: WTG Stu… you’re an awesome poster on T-Nation thank you

Stu, nice stuff buddy, you earned it.

Great stuff man.


Congrats man, tht’s awesome. You definitely earned it


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[quote]MODOK wrote:
Awesome news, Stu. We all pretty much knew this was coming though. You live like a champion, you become a champion. [/quote]


Congratulations, Stu!! Very motivational, and to take the win with your girl as well! You must have been very high on life that night, buddy

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Congrats Stuart.

I’m happy for you,really. Can’t even imagine how you feel right now…or when you were announced a champ.

One of the judges emailed me this morning with a few pics he snapped. This was the very moment after my ‘main competition’ was announced in 2nd place. Forget flexing my legs, forget sucking in my stomach, forget everything, I just felt a wave of complete and utter exhaustion combined with sheer elation.

In that instant, I understood how Ronnie Coleman could just crumble to his knees after enduring the mental as well as physical stresses of an extreme contest prep. In my prep notebook, I had written motivational notes to myself at the top of each day’s page. For the Saturday of the contest, I had written “21 weeks leading up to Today!”