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New With Elbow Pain Question


Hey everyone im 13 around 4"8 and weigh around 90 pounds

ive been working out for a few months now really like how its turning out i also dive about 11 hours a week but fit in working out

im currently restricted to our small home gym so i cant do a ton of stuff

my stats:
bf %: unknown
squat: 115
and we dont have room to clean

i also have a question about tricep workouts
whenever im doing a tricep extension and start to bring the weight back up my left elbow stings so bad i nearly drop the weight does anyone know what i should do about it?


When I started working out, I had the same problem using only 3kg db's (yup, those are the girlie weights). For months, when I tried something slightly heavier (and that would be 4 kg db's, yup, still pink dumbbells) my elbow would act up.
So I had to be carefull about my elbow for months. Now I'm using 13,5 kg db for triceps extensions. So I've managed to sort out the problem.

My advice: whenever you feel bad pain (and we all know what good pain is), then lay off. Give the joint time to recover.

It's not like you need hughe triceps anyway. At least, not as much as you need your elbow.


This might sound like your dad talking but you probably need to eat more vegetables. Veggies contain a LOT of magnesium which is a common cause of tendonitis. The other thing you should be doing more of is the antagonist movement of the tricep extension.

The antagonist is the EXACT OPPOSITE excercise so in this case we are talking about some kind of bicep curl or something that will get the biceps stronger.

The reasoning here is that if your triceps are stronger than your biceps then your triceps are constantly exerting more 'pull' on your tendons which can cause a painful imbalance.

I have had a lot of tendonitis and "tennis elbow" in the past and the key is to balance your excercise routine so that one muscle doesn't get stronger than it's antagonist (opposite muscle).

And eat your veggies. Seriously.


Could you name some specific vegetables we only have carrots at my house but were going to the grocery store tomorrow


Ouch...been through this. Couldn't open a door due to pain (strangely, presses didn't hurt. Something like if the forearm to floor angle stayed constant throughout the movement it didn't hurt). Long break. Started out light, did a lot of reps for a few weeks, and always, ALWAYS, very sloooooow negatives (>4 seconds). I am now up to 23 lb DBs.

And plan on progressing. Anyway, long negatives are good for the joints. The "burn" is also good (heard that lactic acid is good for the tendons...and, well, it actually did ease pain a lot, and seemed to help recovery of the joints, in my case- this also means shoulder, etc)

Hope this helps


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