New with a Diet Plan

Hi all, i’ve a question about my diet.

I’m a 34 year old male, 102.3 kg at a 20.6% bodyfat

Its the first time I realy follow a nutrition plan (atm im on Thibs: Nutrition for newbies). I’m doing fine for now, lost 1.3 kg in a week with a 0.7 down on bodyfat (atleast thats what my meters said). My intake is about 2700 give and take and im following the “I Bodybuilder” program.

My question is that im getting sometimes a starting hungerfeeling about an half hour before the next meal, is that due to a too low caloric intake or has it to do with my body still addapting to the diet. I dont want to start to soon by adding calories.

thx in advance


ps. sorry about my grammer :slight_smile: