New Wikileaks Documents on Afghanistan


My thoughts are if the documents are so important, the CIA they will classify them as Top Secret and outfits like Wikileaks won’t be able to access them. This is just media hype and I’m sure Wikileaks loves it.

Has Wikileaks released to controversial material? Or is this going to be like the other wikileaks thread, where we debate about the merits of information we’ve never seen?

I think in the end you’ll find it’s much ado about nothing. Everything that has been “revealed” is already known. Iran helping the taliban, shock. Pakistan helping Al Qaeda? yawn. Enhanced “interrogation” techniques…I am so surprised. War in trouble? If an anti-war liberal sends a troop surge, that should be self evident.

It’s a news media masturbation fest, nothing new.

I think it’s interesting the news outlets seem to think this is a big story since they keep talking about it (although with zero detail), yet no one on here seems to give a damn.

Cato writer Ben Friedman makes three really good points.

  1. Wikileaks, because it publishes information that is embarrasing, but not dangerous, to the state, is generally a good thing.
  2. The Media fetishizes ‘secret’ information, and so even though we’ve heard all this before, the added detail makes the media people think its a big deal when its… not necessarily old news, but definitely not new.
  3. Wikileaks would do better with less editorializing. Really? The Stasi? The Stasi would have ‘plugged’ the ‘leak’ in wikileaks by now.

Apparently wikileaks is claiming it offered the documents to the white house weeks before they were made public.