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New Whoreland


Well it, as of tuesday, will be legal to go in to a whorehouse (not massage palours anymore my friend!) and pay for sex in what i thought was a great country.
i guess we'll be see TC coming down for a "seminar" or something of the sorts soon eh?


yea i keep hearing about this.....can somebody post a link to the story?


Why is that a bad thing?


 I dont see how you can feel proud of yourself when you're a whore in a whorehouse.

 'What do you do?'
 'Oh I fuck all sorts of guys all day for hire.'


From the NZ Herald

One vote passes sex law

By HELEN TUNNAH deputy political editor

Politicians have voted to decriminalise prostitution.

In a narrow vote yesterday, they approved a new law allowing the running of brothels and soliciting.

The Prostitution Reform Bill was passed 60 votes to 59 after New Zealand's first Muslim MP, Ashraf Choudhary, abstained.

His decision not to vote came after he experienced intense lobbying from both sides of the debate.

It was enough to allow the controversial new law to pass.

Dr Choudhary, a Labour list MP, previously opposed the changes. Yesterday, he did not say why he abstained.

"That's just how I felt," he told the Herald.

The passage of the bill after the conscience vote was greeted with cheers and applause from a packed public gallery.

The bill's sponsor, Labour MP Tim Barnett, said he was delighted but "numb".

Under the previous laws, prostitution was not illegal but acts associated with it, such as soliciting, pimping and brothel-keeping, were.

The bill allows court-approved people to operate brothels and to live off the earnings of sex workers.

It also requires brothels, clients and prostitutes to practise safe sex to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, perhaps through the compulsory use of condoms.

Prostitutes can now ask for an employment contract, and are protected by health and safety laws.

Critics of the bill argued the new law could not be enforced, and said brothels were now vulnerable to gang or criminal involvement.

They also said decriminalising prostitution would make it more acceptable.

Police backed away from supporting the bill this week, saying the way it was written opened the sex industry to exploitation.

Politicians have worked on the bill for almost three years, and last night Mr Barnett said the overwhelming feeling after the vote would be one of relief.

He rejected opponents' claim that he wanted to "normalise" prostitution, saying he was trying to replace an outdated, biased and largely unenforced law.

"It does not seek to label prostitution as normal, but it does accept its inevitability."

Mr Barnett said MPs had two choices. They could agree to a law which best protected sex workers while protecting community sensitivities, or they could accept the status quo with all its faults.

He said the state licensed massage parlours, knowing they were a front for prostitution.

Supporters of the bill in the public gallery included Prostitutes Collective and Rape Crisis workers.

They applauded Mr Barnett's final speech, but his criticism of church groups who opposed the bill was attacked by his political rivals.

National MP Nick Smith said he wanted prostitution laws toughened to make it a crime to pay for sex.

Decriminalising prostitution should be judged not on what was best for sex workers, but what was best for New Zealand society.

Dr Smith said prostitution cheapened sex and was nothing more than "paid rape".

He held his head in his hands when the result of the vote was announced.

An emotional plea to pass the law came from the one MP with experience of the sex trade, the country's first transsexual MP, Georgina Beyer.

"I support this bill for all the prostitutes I've ever known who have died before the age of 20 because of the inhumanity and hypocrisy of a society that would not allow them, or give them the chance, to ever redeem whatever circumstances made them arrive in this industry."

One of the bill's strongest supporters was Green MP Sue Bradford, who urged women MPs and those who considered themselves feminists to support Mr Barnett.

"Restrictive laws merely encourage violence, trafficking, rape and the spread of HIV/Aids, not the opposite."

Labour MP Winnie Laban, whose last-minute support was crucial to the bill's success, said she would have been a hypocrite to vote against it. She faced strong lobbying from the large number of churches in her Mana electorate.

"I advocate for social and economic inclusion and then to turn around [it would] be quite hypocritical to say no to this group they can't have the same protection."


I don't exactly think there are a lot of happy prostitutes, but if (theoretically for most) you could indeed detach yourself from it completely, few lines of unskilled labour pays better.


I know lots of prostitutes who'd never consider themselves as such. I think it's actually more honest to work in a whorehouse than for a woman to have sex with a man so he'll marry her and she can attain financial security.


For the most part, I think prostitution is more of an economic problem than a moral issue. In spite of increasingly liberal attitudes towards sexuality, there are still a great many taboos surrounding it. Given this, I greatly doubt that many people with another viable source of income would select prostitution as their first career option. Generally it's the last resort of the undereducated or unskilled.


Sex among two consenting adults is not a crime and should not be treated as such. It may be immoral under the eyes of God but a vice is not a crime.

 Tranvestites in the government and legalizing Prostitution. I think New Zealand is missing the  point: their job is to work for a safer, more prosperous, more moral society. Not to appease the few 'underpriviliged' who just 'had to' prostitute themselves for a living.

 Lastly, a transvestite is nothing if not a mentally disturbed individual. Not to be rude, but the truth of the matter is this: if you're born with a penis, you're a man. If you're born with a vagina you're a female. No ands, ifs or buts. You MAY be a big pussy of a man, or you MAY be a manly woman, but you're still a man, or a woman.
 Wanting to change sex, just because you feel you should have been born a woman is a big mental problem. Sure, it may not be illegal to change sex. However, as a transvestite you're still a disturbed person. All this leading to this: I dont believe a transvestite should hold a position in a country's government where his/her/Its decisions will affect entire populations. I simply could not trust.


Diesel, Georgina Bayer is a transsexual, not a transvestite, you do know the difference don't you Big Boy?

FYI, I am sure she was reelected at the last election with the largest .........
majority of any MP. If not, then certainly within the top 3. Her constituency LOVE her, prior to being an MP she was the Mayor of a large town in rural NZ.


Diesel - evidently the people in the transvestite's district do not agree with you or she would not have been elected. That's the beauty of a democracy.

 Yes it is Michelle> That's the beauty of a Democracy.

 Where exactly is this 'New Zealand' you speak of...?

 lol, my Geography escapes me when it comes to certain parts of the World.


Ho Ho Ho, Marry Christmas everyone.

I never understood this "respect" thing. If it is a person's choice to blow for cash, so be it. The problem is when people are doing it to feed a drug habit, or are forced into it. Legalization puts pimps out of business, and the prostitutes become regulated reducing the spread of std's.

I don't know if this has changed, but the last I heard, no legal prostitute in Nevada as ever been tested positive for an std. (They are regularly tested.)

The only people negatively affected would most likely be affected by adultery anyway.

Now the government could screw it up. Governments are notorious for fucking things up.


Reminds me (alcohol) prohibition days and debates. Bottom line is, whether you want it or not, vice is fact of life, whatever the society. Even the Japanese have their dark side behind that honorable ideal and societal culture.

How well and far a society goes to hide its vice is how they differ. Legal or not, it still happens. Theres even a mutual fund in the US based on the profitability of the industry. Interesting premise too: Whatever direction the economy goes, demand for vice is fairly constant. Doubting Thomases, go check out the Vice Fund (ticker: VICEX).

Trust the people to go Doomsday Scenario on this one (or anything controversial and new), as usual.


diesel, if we prevented "disturbed" people from running for office, we'd have to kick out a majority of our law makers. I would love a list of mental health evaluations of our leaders.


NZ is next to aussie, in the pacific ocean i hope you are joking.
dont fuck with the MAORI

Kia Kaha



NZ is Nuclear Free, and proud of it!

Was the first country to give women the vote.

The birthplace of adventurer Sir Edmund Hilary, the first person to climb Mt Everest along with sherpa Tenzin Norgay.

Home of The All Blacks rugby team.

Where the Lord of the Rings were filmed.


NZ sounds like a lot it deserves a lot of respect. But only in America can you break into a person's house and injuring yourself in the process of the robbery be able to sue and win. Not that it actually has anything to do with this thread, but it's pretty funny anyhow.


I agree with Peternf and Zepplin. I don't see what the big deal is with legalizing/regulating/taxing what's gone on, and will continue to go on, for eons. There is a huge difference between morality (incredibly subjective thing that it is) and crime (black and white).

As it stands I'd hazard a guess that 95% of both men and women have either prostituted themselves or paid for the services of a prostitute by the age of 25. A chick that accepts a drink from a guy in a bar and then kisses him to say "Thanks" is as much a prostitute as the whore on the corner flagging down motorists. Only problem is that one is a more socially acceptable way of prostituting oneself. Why? What sense does that make? It is much more honest to be the hooker on the streetcorner and tell the man straight up what he gets for whatever price than it is to be the girl in the bar milking some poor dupe with assurances of getting laid.