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New Westside for BBers Program

been doing westside for skinny bastards and have made some good gains. been thinking of ways to get a heavy rowing movement in the plan without stunting my pressing strength. Ive basically comeup with having a max effort pulling day. im literally making the programme now so any advice would be appreciated. my goals are strength and size. the programe will have 5 days.

ME upperbody press.3rm
ME upperbody pull. 5rm( deads off blocks, barbell row, pull ups chin ups.
Upperbody repition
ME legs 5rm
Repition legs or a german volume session legs. 10 x 10 quads 10x 10 posterior chain. 10 x 10 calves

im thinking of doing two days on, one day off, alternating between upper body and legs. so in a month i would do 4 of each sesion with 3 days between upper body and legs. any thoughts

No hell no this horribly laid out and a insult to even call it Westside. Not trying to bust your balls but no. Ill explain more in a hour or so I am at work.

Man I have seen and discussed a hundred different westside programs and templatses and what your preposing is so damn far away from westside I would hardly even consider it Conjugate. You have to realize westside is A POWERLIFTING program developed by POWERLIFTERS for POWERLIFTERS. Not saying you can’t get absolutely massive using Westside but it is not in any way a bodybuilding program. Almost all actually I will say all hypertrophy work done in the program is done in order to help bring up a weakness that will make you stronger in the Big 3… not to give you the most peaked biceps.

Never have I ever seen Louie advise 3 upper body sessions and two lower body sessions in a row. Secondly where is your dynamic work? Even Defranco who developed WS4SB used dynamic days. He usually suggested box jumps and the likes due to most of his clients are athletes. Repitition Method is used as a substitute for ME work when you feel you need a little rest from all the heavy weights. And its not a 10x10 or something like that its usually roughly 60-70% of your Max for a lift done to failure on 2-3 sets at most.

Why do you need a ME upper body pull ( Rack pulls are for lower I don’t really care how you look at it). If your back is a weakness then heavy rows and pull Downs after your press and maybe even another exercise on your lower body day would be more than enough. I could careless if you wanna run the template you have laid out its piss poor in design but do not call it westside for bodybuilders because its not even close to that. I can gaurentee Louie wouldn’t even come close to putting his name behind that template.

There are some other issues but I am tired for now. Good night and wish you the best of luck.

if used to term westside simply because it uses a ME method and a repition method. i is a modification of defrancos wsfsb so is not westside at all as it has no dynamic days. the reason i thought of thisis because westside is primarily a programme for powerlifters. im not a powerlifter, nor am i an athlete any more, so im only training for strength and size. however i like rotating the big exercises every 3 weeks as its working and wnted to see if i could put another upper body pulling day in to strengthen the pullin muscles.

i came up with this day as my chest is getting pretty big but its starting to make the rest of me look small.
i was thinking of trying it for 6 weeks just as an experiment. a sample week would look like this.

ME upper body
military press 3 rm and 2 deloads
db seated press 3 x 6-10
4x 6-10 pull ups
cuban press and lat raise superser 3x 8-12
3x 8-12 bb curl

ME Legs
3 x 8-12 single leg press
3x 8-12 rdl
leg ext leg curl superset 3x 8-12

3X 6-12 DB ROW
3X 6-12 DB BENCH
3X 8-12 Rows to throat
3x 8-12 shrugs
3x 8-12 triceps pulldowns

legs repition

3 x db lunges max reps
3x 10-15 deadlift
3x 10-15 hacksquat
3x 15-20 sissy squat
3x 15-20 single leg thrusts
3x 15-20 calf raises

upper body repition

weighted push ups 3 x max reps
3x 5-10 close grip floor press
3 x 8-12 fat man pull ups
3x 8-12 bradford press
ab circuit.

i dont think its a westside programme just used the name out of habit i suppose. its basically a horizontal, vertical push, pull and legs split, i like the 3rm 5 rm and repition days because they help me see if my strength is improving. its not a powerlifting programme, thats why im alternating horizontal and vertical pressing on ME days. im not improving a westside programme merely fucking about with an already modified one out of curiosity to see what happens.

take the westside out of it, i think it looks pretty solid with a lot of room for variety, like i said will try and see. proof is in the pudding looks fun and varied at least. why argue about rack pulls being legs or back. you can and i do have them or deadlifts on either day as they work both. makes you sound like a prick

oh just looked at your hub. your 21 built like a drawf and you can barely deadlift double bodyweight. stop being so aggresive and condesending in your posts.

[quote]sofia86 wrote:
oh just looked at your hub. your 21 built like a drawf and you can barely deadlift double bodyweight. stop being so aggresive and condesending in your posts.

lol shut up kid. you have not right to insult him when his right and your routine is a piece of shit.

Well two things real quick prick. I will take the dwarf commment as a compliment due to the fact that dwarfs are bad ass beefed up beard growing sledge hammer throwen mother fuckers so thank you. Secondly I pull just over 500 put 300 over head am a active competitor in the NAS but your right just out of curiousity what do you pull because for you to rip on a two times body weight Deadlift you must be well into the 600lbs… oh wait you were posting in the Beginners Section wernt you? but ill humor you.

At 18 I pulled 535 at 200lbs body weight not a horrible pull. Then I joined the army to defend ass holes like you to have the right to fuck up a perfectly good program and to run there mouth and unfortunately due to a combat related injury ruptured my l4-l5 and l5-s1 disc ( Thats in my spine and its kinda important for Deadlifts :-))and caused a good bit of nerve damage to my siactic nerve in my right leg jumping out of fucking c-130 so yeah my Deadlift is a little low right now… what’s your fucking excuse?

Take mine and Ryan’s and most likely quite a few more to come and listen to us.

And I apologize to anyone else who happened to have to see me this unprofessional as I try to stay as friendly and out right to every one as possible. Except to you Sofia.

Edit- Oh and in what way was I condescending?

i have no videos so dont ask. im in the beginer section because iv only been training for 5 months as ive had years off with life. building a buisness buying a house having 2 kids. ive been training since i was 15. with shitty routines, good routines and brilliant routines. i used to have a very physically demanding job and i have played rugby to a good standard until i was 23. i had to stop as i have quite bad hip impingement.

for what its worth my current max deadlift is 450 at 187 bw. did that on friday. you may not of been trying to be condescending but that was the impression i got. i never said this programme was good or was westside. i simply thought of doing it and will try it for 6 weeks. it more than likely will be shit it might be brilliant. i dont know, no one knows for certain. im sure the best coaches in the world have tried things that were shite.

also it looked fun to do.too much volume but ill give it a go. its not westside or conjugate but it is not a supid programme. good balance of exercises plenty of rear delt and scap work and legs twice a week is always a plus.
i respect you for being in the army takes courage but your not defending me from anyone. i live in england and im more scared of america than any other country. not being rude just how i feel.

also not being rude but i consider myself weak thats why im in the beginer section. what you should of realised by now is some people are naturally strong as fuck.i am not. neither are you by the looks of things. not knocking your goals but all the training in the world wont make you a decent strongman. your competing against people that will be genetically superior and training just as hard.

your lifts are not exceptional.better than most but sadly most people are pussies. im not insulting you or ridiculing you but that is a fact of life. there are people that will lift what you can with no training. if they start training early then they might be succesful, the rest of us are just trying our best to improve our lifts and physique. took me a while to come to terms with that but now that i have makes training more enjoyable again.

hope your next post is not agressive as i have no interst in getting in a argument with a 21 year old kid on the internet. sorry for calling you a drawf. cant appoligize for calling u a prick as u might be one,

Alright lets approach this with less aggression,

What you basically described is a BB routine and not a Westside routine. You’d be hard pressed (PUN!!!..and hyperbole) to find a program these days which doesn’t have someone performing a max effort life on one of the big exercises at the start of the workout and then performing more traditional bodybuilding rep-ranges for exercises which further target that muscle group.

People tend to get touchy about the whole PL vs BB issue lately but it’s possible to have a fine line dividing the two.

Seriously man you just lost all respect and I am done with you and this thread and I hope you enjoy your time on T-Nation but I hope and pray its a short stay. Last thing these boards need is someone who is telling people they are never going to reach their goals just because you didnt reach yours.

Nothing is more disrespectful to me than to say ill never be a decent Strongman as I have only been back to lifting for 6 months and have already competed three times with a top 3 finish in one as under 200, a second place finish as 231, and qualified for Nats by doing so.

So other than my weak Deadlift due to injury i am getting around I think I am doing pretty good so far… more importantly the people who train with me and have taught me everything think I am doing just fine.

Sure I am short and maybe not a freak right of the gate plenty of the greatest powerlifters, strongman and bodybuilders have started out being smaller and weaker than their peers… its kinda one of the reasons alot of them ever even picked up a barbell.

Dont see why you would ignore my advice but whatever seeing as how I am much younger than you apparently and am out pressing and pulling more than you you would think logic would say at the very least I have my shit figured out just a bit more than you. But I guess age is a big factor for some people … although the day Eric Lillibridge talks to me ( he 22 if even that ) I am gonna listen and pick his brain for everything I could.
Lastly if you use genetics as a excuse then you might as well quite before you stop. All I have ever wanted to do is be the best I can be as a Strongman and hopefully turn pro. And luckily I may have not been born a freak but, determination, dedication, and the right concoctions of chemicals will take you farther than your genetics ever could so I am ok with that. Good bye hope your program works out.

And thanks for the motivation to up everything in my training and nutrition. You will be the reason I hit a few PR’s in the upcoming months.

@sofia86 "Then I joined the army to defend ass holes like you to have the right to fuck up a perfectly good program "-this would be your cue to stop typing