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New Way to Hit the Hams Even Better?!


Someone posted up a really unique way of doing the SLDL on my bball site just the other day. I was like wtf, I'm 29 now & have been around the BB/sports scene always reading & learning everything I can!

I worked my hams last night but forgot about the exercise! So, I haven't tried it out yet.

Instead of doing the SLDL flat footed, your put two 25lb. plates together to place your feet upon with your toes kinda sticking up in the air. It puts more tension on the hammys so they get stretched more, which works them harder.

Have any of you seen this before or tried? It makes total sense & I can't believe I've never thought of it or seen it before! So I just wanted to pass it along to my T-Nation pals.

I'll stick the link on here so you can check it out. ( have to find it first )


I am pretty sure someone gave this tip a couple of weeks ago! But still a damn good tip!


No rocket science here, many do this it just shift your weight on your heels.


I use the same board that I put under my heals when I squat sometime to put under the front of my feet for SLDL. Just take it slow and work up to getting that low, you've gotten be flexable.


imo it will stretch the calves. And that's about it.


Do SLDL's on top of 2,100lb plates; way better


No, the hamstrings insert at the feet. Just ask Denise Austin.


I can tell you Dan John recommends putting a board under your toes to learn to use the hammies during the O'ly lifts. It works!


I read about that a long time ago. It really helps to put more emphasis on the hams instead of the lower back IMO.

Nice tip for O lifts! I never read or thought about that one. Thanx!


Here is an image that ilustrates the aformentioned SLDL variation.


For lifters with a longer torso (like myself) it also helps when you do rack pulls to shift the weight off your lower back and onto the lower portion of your posterior chain.


Has anyone tried this with Good Mornings? Do you think it'd be effective?


Uh-Oh, I think I see the new T-Nation fad coming: everything done with your toes raised. There will be an article on this within the next month....


LOL, most likely. Hahah.

Nice to hear some of you know about it. I can't ever recall ever hearing or reading about it on here or anywhere. The iron game is def a science!

So how about this, a board or plates while on a box for the SLDL. Double wammy if your using some 45's on the bar.