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New Wardrobe


Hey guys,

I'm in college and on summer break but I am looking to upgrade my clothes/look a bit. I know that this is far from a fashion site, but that's why I'm posting here. When I scroll through sites like GQ or other fashion-for-men suggestions I just feel that many of those looks are too "girly" or "soft." How do you guys dress nice without looking like a fashion queen? I'm looking for mainly suggestions on casual wear, because I rarely need to dress "really nice" in college, and going to the gym is easy shorts and t-shirt.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Depends on how much cash you want to spend. You're in collge so I'm guessing not too much. If I want a "nicer" t-shirt and casual shorts I like Express Men.


Check out: http://www.bluefly.com/

Look at different designers and see what you like.


Lots of good fashion advice in these threads:


Tripp NYC


Get some input from your female friends and/or sister(s) you may have. (unlike us, they tend to just know these things)

Put them in charge of a shopping trip or two and you should be all set without much effort.


Not looking to go haywire, but I realize that chances are I can wear these clothes for many years to come, so its worth the investment. And I don't know what you consider "a lot" - but a couple of hundred dollars on a few shirts, shorts, pants, and maybe a pair of jeans.


Go to a tailor. Only way to get a good fit. If the shirt and pants have a perfect fit, they look way better than any fancy fashion or brand. When I'm wearing my tailored shirts, VS T-shirts, i look way bigger and leaner, witch is always nice. plus you can get any look/style/cut you want. A nice shirt is never too formal.

Also, this being a Bodybuilding site , i suspect that your measurements will change as time passes, and a tailor can often alter his own products quite easily.