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New Video: Training for Strength vs Training for Size

Good stuff.


Seem’s like coach’s recommendations these days have reverted to very balanced, normal “mainstream” on strength vs hypertrophy.

The low rep / high sets approach for hypertrophy (along with athletic/performance syle trainig) had defined lots of CT’s programs for me. I’m still seeing value (and importatnly, enjoyment) from doing things like muscle rounds (6x4) or low rep density/rest pause…even as a main (80%+) rep style for workouts.

However seems like hes closer to the 3x8-12, controlled eccenrics / moderate concentric [verus perfect rep or “rocket” reps], mmore exercises/hitting different angles [versus layers one focus lift or prior philsophy of slight variations in big lifts] even for size.

I almost take that as an insult. “Revert”?

I’m still the “methods” guy. Clusters, rest/pause, eccentric overloads, isometric overloads, etc.

However, the fact is that most people have no business using those methods. And the YouTube “market” is not the same as the article one. Those who will take the time to read articles, especially my articles, are more advanced and can benefit from such approaches. But the reality is that Youtube targets a much wider audience and often people who are not of the adequate level to use advanced methods.

People should start by mastering the basics before looking for more advanced strategies that might do more harm than good if they are not ready for them.

With the athletes I’m working with I use a lot of advanced programing like using an eccentric day, and isometric day and a concentric day. I use all the cool tools that you guys know and love. But a good coach knows when to use which tools.


I guess that he is just addressing to a different population. I can´t imagine the typical reader of MH or one of the Weiders’ magazine readers not getting lost in one of CT articles (either here or on Thibarmy), as neither do I imagine anyone here returning to read one of those mainstrean magazines. Not because they are bad, on those mags I’ve seen articles from T Nation writers! And yes, in a more commercial less advanced way and geared towards more to a fitness population and not to a more serious comunity like the one here at TNation

I feel that he is trying to get to a broader audience to get them to right way of The Force. The Force CT, The Force! LOL [Star Wars joke, for the very young in case they don´t understand)

For me he is doing a great work, and certainly there are other nice good ones on YT like Jeff Nippard, but there is always place and need on mainstream ways for people like CT. Yet we still have the luxury of having hin here and on ThibArmy