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New Verkhoshansky Book! - Sample


here is a great chance to own a terrific book written by one of the most renown sport scientist. The folowing book is not a theoritical book but more of a pratical book for applied sport training. Here is a link to a sample :


You can buy this book at this website : http://www.ultimateathleteconcepts.com/store/newbook.html

By the way, Im not sponsored to sell this book or anything. I just want to get a word out on some high value training book!


There are quite a few grammatical mistakes in the preface.... ummm...


Russian is his native language, he's not perfectly proficient in English. He probably wrote the introduction himself without using an editor.

The book will be translated by someone else, presumably with perfect grammar.



Dr. Michael Yessis is transalating the book.


I thought he was, didn't want to say so if he wasn't though. Knew it was a collaborative project.



sexy. Thanks for the heads up.


They asked for pre-orders, how much is it though?


$70... seems a little steep for a 130 odd page manual, but if he knows his stuff...


Verki may know a little. Didn;t he invent some method of training known a plyometrics or somethin like that


Yea, and Al Gore invented the internet...

from the book's information page:
"Please note that the contents and preface are an english translation done by Dr. Verkhoshanski himself, and are not representative of the quality of the final translation to be done by Dr. Yessis"

PS- obviously kidding about the Gore comment


oh yes. Verk is one of my top favorites!

Should be good.

The price is well worth it when you compare it to the crud you get in most training books. Stuff you could find online.