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New Vegetable Find


I'm sure this isn't news to plenty of you, but this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this in my town. We now have something calling itself the "Bulk Barn".

I figured maybe I could get some cheap oats if nothing else, so why not pop in and give the place a once-over.

So, amid all the "DO NOT SNACK" signs, I saw a bin labelled "roasted salted green peas". Hmm. They look like peas. I wonder.

Of course, I lifted the lid and popped a few in my mouth while expecting alarms to sound and rent-a-cops to come a running and tell me to spit them out.

Okay, okay, I'll stop making a short story long. Although I generally don't like vegetables, these things were actually good.

So, they are cheap, they are vegetables, they will last until the apocalypse, they are instantly ready to eat and they have the basic nutrient profile of green peas.

I picked up a bag and am munching on them as I type. Did I actually find a good snack food?


I have a feeling you'll only be able to find a place like this in canada.


Sounds good, i want some! although i actually have a hard time not eating all vegetables in sight ^^. Oats are pretty damn cheap around here, the place i go to called "Henrys Marketplace" has 4 different kinds at 55 cents a pound.


ya only in canada i beleive. they are all over the place you've never seen one before??



Good find man.

For those of us who are not living in Canada:

(Scroll down to about the middle of the list for "green peas.")





These two just agreed on something... that explains why the ground just got sofa king cold, hell froze over.


Wasabi peas are great too. But really, peas aren't that great a vegetable.


Have you tried the wasabi covered ones?

They're damn good.