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New V-8 Drink


I found an interesting and tasty new product from V-8 at the local grocer.

It is called V-8 V-FUSION. It is a fruit juice / vegetable juice blend that supplies one fruit serving and one vegetable serving per 8 oz. portion. This is a excellent item to get the benefits of fruit and veg in your diet without all the prep time and pain in the ass time of preparing fresh vegetables and fruit. The best oart is it tastes great.

I had to double check the ingredient list to make sure it didn't contain high fructose corn syrup since it was so sweet tasting. But it contains only natural product and natural fructose. The basic nutrition breakdown is:
8 oz. serving:

120 kcals
o gr. fat
28 gr. carbohydrates
1 gr. protein.
It is packed in a 46 oz. bottle containing 6 servings (aprox.)
Just thought some of you may find this interesting.


I like it and so does my one year old! I'm not a V-8 fan, but this stuff is pretty good. The strawberry is yummy, haven't tried the yellow stuff.


While it may taste great

let's not get carried away to the point of saying you are reaping the benefits of fruit and veggies.

I realize that it must be a major pain in the ass to take an apple out of the fridge and eat it. Or--heaven forbid, waste all that prep time throwing frozen veggies in a bowl and nuking them.

Last I checked orange juice contains no HFCS, yet it's so calorically dense it can throw off a carb/calorie sensitive diet. It's sugar dude. It's better than a coke, but nowhere near REAL fruit and veggies.


V8 is juice from concentrate with preservatives. I don't see anyhting special. Yeah sure it's better than pepsi or oil, whatever.


C'mon folks, preservatives and all it's better than undereating one's veggies and fruits.

I still prefer the real thing but I regularly drink spicy V8 with my greens+, tastes grrrrrrreat!


Not that it's really that bad for you per se, but in some way it's even worse than soda because at least when you drink soda you know it's shit. And V8 tries to pretend to be something it's not.

There's not one word on their website about preservatives and it being from concentrate - i.e. they're trying to hide it. You can't get a serving of vegetables from a bottle or can. The same company who makes canned Campbells soups isn't going to all of a sudden proliferate health and well-being to your local corner store.

They get the shittiest fruit and vegetables in bulk because nobody could sell them otherwise, add some crap and make soup.

I don't mean to dog on the above poster but if we all get into the habbit of saying "well it's better than nothing" then we're only going to screw up our diets. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten as they are and if you can't - then skip a serving. But don't rely on V8, they're assholes.


I refer you to the "forbidden fruit" article you will find in the archives. It is not just sugar. Fructose can through off a sensitive person, but that person is statisticaly in the minority. The benefits of the polyphenol nutrients in fruits and vegetables are more valuable to our bodies than the small rise in blood sugar that will result from drink this juice. Also the polyphenols present in whole fruit and vegetables transport readily in its juice form.