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Hey, I’m looking to do a cycle of E/C and am looking for pointers on it. Frequency, dosing, how much should I expect to spend…things like that. I’m looking to cut about 25 lbs by April in preparation for my first show. I’ve ran gear before, but am looking to stay away from that for now. Any advice?

Ever thought of going, oh, I don’t know, in the right forum?

2_gainin may have meant ephedrine/caffeine.

20-30 mg on first dose of the day, with 200 mg caffeine. After that, optionally up to another 50 mg ephedrine per day, preferably in smaller amounts taken more frequently as the half-life is short. Caffeine continues to be taken with it, in proportion.

It’s effective while the body is currently absorbing less calories than it’s burning. If in a caloric excess or balance, for example in the few hours after a larger meal, it will do less if any good. It can be omitted at such times.

Yeah. Pretty sure that is what he meant.

Unfortunately, he is 7 months away and all he can think if is an E/C stack? No offence, but he has his priority wrong.