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New User with D-bol Question

Hi all,
I was trying to get 5 mg d-bol pills. I received 10 mg metandienone from tailand. Any one have any expeience with them? They are small purple pills.

Thanks for any advice i can get.
I was planning on taking a 10 mg pill 2X day or would I be better off just taking two at the same time about an hour before my work out?

Thanks again

you need to run more than 20mg a day id run 30-40 MIN. and split the amount up throughout the day

In my opinion you need to not take anything yet.

Read some more on what you are taking. Judging solely on your post I feel you arent educated enough to benefit from the use of dbol.

Few questions…

1- Why the hell are you only taking dbol? (Im suprised how many times I am asking this)
2- Stats?
3- PCT?


You would be better off putting together a real cycle instead of just wanting to eat some dbol to get huggogge.

Why do you want to take this d bol? What do you think its going to do for you?

Im assuming that you are some young boy who more than likely needs a cycle of food and some decent training. Feel free to correct me if im wrong.

I am an educated 37 year old male with years of lifting experience. I was a gym owner for years but up til now have only worked out clean. I am 5’11 185 lbs with 7% body fat. I do not have the genetics to really gain any mass. I have been researching these options for years and have several friends that use.

I know what to expect for results and I also am aware of the time and effort needed to be put in the gym to achieve the results that I want. I simply had not seen this particular pill and wanted to know if anyone had any experience. I figured that this site might be able to help with so many experienced users on board.

FWIW- I have had some great off-cycle workouts preceded by munching some dbol. I’ll pop 1 or 2 25mg caps. Most of the effect is psychological though- much like you would get from dropping some methyltest or cheque drops- just some increased aggression. I would not look to 20 mgs of pre-workout dbol as a plan for a meaningful cycle that will produce great long-term results though.

I have used them, they should be fine. Little picture on one side?

No picture on the side. small white bottle and small unmarked purple pills 100 10 ml pills to a bottle.

100 10ml pills to a bottle eh?

yes. does that sound odd to you?