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New User. Libido Problems

Hey, I’m a new user here and this is my first post so forgive me if sound like a newbie.

I have been experiencing libido problems for nearly two years ( No morning wood, infrequent urge/disire to have sex, Problems keeping an erection and premature ejaculation when I do get one, reduced semen volume and weak ejaculations. Previously never experienced anything like this, I always woke with strong erections. Never had an issue lasting in the bedroom department and never had any problems getting a wood!

Around the same time of the onset of symptoms I started to feel a sense of detachment/depersonalization. Something I am still receiving counseling for.

I’m a 29 year old male from the UK

210 lbs / 15 Stones
6ft 2"
Waist - 32"
Facial Hair - I have a beard but I have noticed that my pubic hair growth has slowed/ doesn’t grow as thick as before, Especially under arm hair.
Bald Head

I eat very well - Plenty of healthy/saturated fats, protein, veg, fibre etc. I don’t any eat processed foods, sugars, tinned/bottled food etc. I train 4-5 times a week (weights/boxing/football). No known underlying physiological health issues other than slightly elevated Blood Pressure.

I’ve had an MRI which because I was getting dizziness, memory problems and still have a feeling of severe/chronic detachment/depersonalization. it came back Normal no action

I’ve seen a urologist who said my bloods were normal and didn’t recommend any action. The urologist performed cyctoscopy which showed no blockages and a normal prostate.

I have had an ultrasound on my testes in 2015 because my right testicle felt larger and harder. I also had an enlarged epididymis but the ultrasound came back normal.

I’ve had my blood work done on the NHS recently…

Total Serum Testosterone - 28.9 nmol/L - (8.7 - 29 nmol/L)
Serum FSH - 3.5 u/L - (1-10 u/l)
Serum LH - 2.6 u/L - (1-9 u/l)
Serum Oestradiol - 93 pmol/L - (40-161 pmol/L)
Serum Prolactin - 203 mu/L - (50-425 mu/L)
Serum TSH - 1.23 mu/L - (0.40 - 5.00)

I know I probably need more tests (Free test, Cortisol etc) as this is basic but the NHS are not great for blood work but my GP said it was normal.

I have previously suffered with Anxiety/Depression and I am currently taking Mirtazapine (Remeron). I am on the lowest possible dose (7.5mg) with a view to stop soon. No other prescription meds.

Never taken any form of AI/Steroid in my life, although I did take 19 Anabol Testo shortly before the issues started.

I’ve tried taking some supps to help such as - Nettle Root, Maca, Vit D3 (5000 IU), Zinc Picolinate, Magnesium Citrate, ZMA. - None have helped me.

I’ve been back in the gym for about 3 months and even though I do feel like I am getting stronger, I feel like I should be putting on more muscle mass as my diet, sleep pattern and knowledge of lifting is on point. I also feel fatigued quite often, with a distinct lack of motivation. I find it hard to get to the gym some days and have to give myself a real kick up the ass to get there.

Sorry to rant but i’m at a loose end and any help/advice from you guys would really be appreciated!!

Thank you


Please follow these links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys – provide more info
  • things that damage your hormones

Do not overlook thyroid and iodine issues.
Do not overlook over-training issues.

Please edit your post above and add lab ranges.

Explain why MRI was done. Prompted by lab data??

Have you watched a lot of porn over the course of your life?

Again with the bunk porn theory, go watch some porn and stop trotting out this bogus bullshit.

The reason I bring this up is I believe that many younger men are at times suffering from a porn addiction which is where their ED, brain fog and lack of motivation are truly stemming from. Porn addiction has a comparable effect on our brain as drug addiction.

I suggest that you keep an open mind and perhaps do a little reading in the future before you post.


Thank you for the response, I have updated the post. I have added lab ranges and little more detail… Also an explanation of why the MRI was done. it didn’t correlate with my libido problems at the time, it was done because a feeling of detachment/depersonalization with memory issues, brain fog, headaches etc

I tried no fap for about 2 months and didn’t really notice a huge improvement. Maybe a little more desire but it did not help with morning erections. I have watched a lot of porn in my teens/early 20’s. probably every day to be honest. I have read about the whole “Your Brain on Porn” thing but i’m not convinced it is causing my problems. Thank you for the input though

The anecdotal evidence is suggesting that young adults require much longer than older men which is counter intuitive. Older men were just exposed within the last decade to high speed internet porn. Young men your age have always had access to it and GREW UP with it. Older men seem to recover from their porn addiction induced ED in 1-3 months. Young men in your situation seem to require 3-6 months unfortunately because your brain has formed stronger connections due to increased neural plasticity via youth.

Watch this please:

Do you think it might be worth looking into using a lugols iodine along with a selenium supplement?

I’ve read a little bit about Iodine but i’m worried it could be harmful?


And you should also do a little reading and think critically by examining the rhetorical triangle.

Consider the source before parroting the words.

There are many other sources available. Those were the first two that popped up with a quick google search while I was simply trying to elaborate that porn addiction has ramifications with respect to our brains, specifically to dopamine sensitivity which is directly correlated to motivation, morning erections, clarity of thought etc. If you’re willing, watch that video I posted.

I respect you Myth. I’ve seen your posts in this section of the forum and respect your intelligence as well, but I truly believe you’re incorrect on your opinion of this. I also believe that many young adults issues do indeed stem from porn addiction, especially when their hormone profiles/blood work come back as “normal”.

It’s not my opinion, it’s just that I recognize there are more than two sides to a problem and blaming the victim in something as polemic as watching porn smacks of the Inquisition.

I’ve read quite a bit on both sides and I’m sure there’s some validity to the argument…for some people, but not for all, and that “how much porn do you watch” isn’t necessarily the best place to start with ED problems.


I think it’s a quite logical place to start actually. Especially because it can be quickly dismissed if the answer is “never”. In the OP’s case however, he indicated that he watches porn every day. I also never stated that I believe porn use created ED issues. I stated that I believe porn addiction does/can/may. I also asked that question because from the limited blood work he posted, his TT was in the high upper range.

Polemic <- Great word by the way, but I never intend it as an attack. I’m only here to attempt to help people and my opinion on porn addiction is not religious based. I’m a “theistic agnostic” anyway.

Maybe the children will take their hijack someplace else.

Gut bacterial can affect your neural transmitters.
Any digestive problems of any sort?
You could look into a high quality probiotic… unfortunately there are a lot of me-too products that are not very good.

I do have issues with my gut. I have recently started taking L-glutamine, Colostrum, Enzymes as I think I could possibly have leaky gut or a candida. I very rarely cosume shop bought grains like wheat, oats, rice etc and my sugar intake is low, mainly from berries, fruits and raw unpasturised honey. I was thinking about looking into probiotics, could you recommend one. Bare in mind i’m in the UK.

Thank you

“The children” were discussing the OP’s issue and that hardly counts as hijacking. But, I apologize for detracting from your performance.

Please continue Your Eminence.


^Are good choices for probiotics. Make sure you’re also getting prebiotic sources i.e. fruits and veggies, especially asparagus, burdock, chicory, dandelion root, Jerusalem artichoke, leeks and onions as well as fermented foods like:

Another good source for gut health is organic kefir which you should be able to find at health food stores. Also, consuming 2-3 tablespoons/day of organic apple cider vinegar can help with candida overgrowth in your gut.

Can you create a discussion of that topic that is stand alone and I will add a link to it with the other links? The we can point to that in threads where it might be useful.

This might be good: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Advanced-Adults-Blend-Probiotics-Capsules/dp/B0013G8CVO/ref=sr_1_73?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1457129902&sr=1-73&keywords=probiotics

You are looking for a product with several different bacteria types. The problem is looking through so many different products. If they recommend refrigeration, they are a bit more serious about the effectiveness of their product.

I use this product as a reference: renewlife.com/extra-care-probiotics/ultimate-flora-extra-care-probiotic-30-billion.html

Probiotics seem very expensive there.

Thank you, I will check them out and keep you updated. I already eat most of the foods you have listed. My knowledge of nutrition and foods are good. I think that’s what is so annoying. My lifestyle is on point yet i’m still suffering…