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New Upper/Lower Split Review


Upper Body Day:
Weighted Pull Ups
Weighted Dips
DB Pullovers
Incline Shrugs

Lower Body Day:
Trap Bar Deads
Stiff Leg DL
Leg ext
Glute Bridge

Do both days in a row followed by a rest day. So each day 2x a week.

Trying to bring up chest/back mainly while getting a little more lean.



also i would have farmer walks in there somewhere but im on deployment right now and its not really an option


You have a trap bar. Use that for farmer’s walks.

There’s no bench or OHP movement for chest and no row movement for back. What does your gym look like on deployment?


the gym is packed in really tight theres no way to do farmers walks. and i do add a rowing movement every once in awhile but im trying to bring up my weighted pullups. i stay away from any benching/ direct shoulder work. i struggle with mmc for chest but prioritizing weighted dips progression and pullovers for a pump afterward i have seen pretty good results lately.


relatively low volume each session because my frequency is high most of the time. alot of times too impatient to take a rest day so each body part gets only 48 hours of rest 72 at most


I literally cannot engage my chest unless I do wide pushups before my sets. The dips are all tricep otherwise.

Incline dumbell works chest okay if normal BB bench doesn’t hit your chest.

Do you have a bumb shoulder? Why avoid chest & shoulder work?

Also thanks for your service.


i dunno my shoulders just dwarf my chest so im trying to change that. ive only had decent mmc in my chest the past 8 months or so so im just trying to be patient. but have you tried internally rotating your shoulders a bit and getting that “gunslinger” position for dips? thats help me out alot and just trying to slowwwwly add weight as to not wreck the shoulders. and yeah ive dislocated both shoulders over 20 times a few times. once while doing DB OH press. but i have a band now that i do band pull aparts with and other shoulder stretches and that really changed the game for me. ill do a few single arm flys with it too to get mmc going in the chest


ive read countless benching articles, i completely understand scapular retraction, ive given benching a millions chances i just really think it doesnt agree with my body. im 6’ with long arms and i probably just sound like a pussy for giving up on it but i feel i dont get much out of it.


This is one of the best upper/lower routines, fine to change around a couple moves relative to your situation…


ive read this before. i just have a real problem with program hopping