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New, Upper Body?


Hi all, I am wanting to start working out. I currently just bought a set of 20kg dumbells, and I'm mostly looking to improve my upper body. Chest, abs, biceps and triceps...

I have an High Metabolism, I currently aged 20 and weigh in @ 9stone/126lbs (under weight I know :/).
Thus wanting to bulk up. Now, I understand that I have to take in around 3600 Calories daily due to my high metabolism! FML#. Couple Questions now please :slight_smile:

1# Do I need to take protein shakes? Or any other powder/supplements?

2# Meal plans? What food should I be eating and what food for high calories?

3# What workouts should I do and what/how many reps should I do?

P.S - Any other info would be great, thanks xx Ryan!


you're probably gonna have to just read the stickies and artices all over this web site.


Id start with squats and deadlifts then read this



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And shoulders, lats, traps, lower back...


Hi Noob. Welcome to the house of pain.

  1. Protein shakes are handy to have. For you I would recommend 1 scoop before training and 2 scoops after training. Also, go get some fish oil, 3 tabs with breaky and 3 with dinner.
  2. Just eat lots. A good rule of thumb for you would be to have a source of protein with every meal. Eat atleast 5 meals a day, and eat until you cant eat anymore. Snack on almonds, and drink a litre of milk everyday.
  3. The easiest way to improve your upper body is to also improve your lower body.
    Do the following programs, 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise.
    Workout A; db presses(flat and incline), shoulder press, lateral raises, dB curls
    Workout B; db rows, chinups if you can get a bar, goblet squats, single leg deadlifts, walking lunges.
    Do each of these workouts twice a week. On another day go to your local oval and sprint 100m 10 times.
    PS. I would also like you to start improvng your mobility. Look up defrancos magic 8 or whatever its called.
    Do this for 5-6 weeks and then get back to me.

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Pick a programme that doesn't ignore any muscle groups and do it for as long as you continue to make progress. Years probably.

EAT. Don't worry about how much or what, just eat what you need to eat to consistently gain weight and keep protein high.



I have to eat high calorie foods due to my high metabolism.