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Atomic Dog
by TC

More good news from T-mag! Before reading this, make sure you’ve got a fresh pair of underwear handy!

Violent Variations, Part III
by Christian Thibaudeau

Fourteen, count’em, fourteen little-known but incredibly effective training methods.

Steroids in Mixed Martial Arts
by Chris Shugart

Oh no! Don’t tell me the PRIDE and UFC fighters are juiced, too!?! Okay, most of us already knew that. Read Chris’s interview with “Trainer X” and find out what these guys are using.

Ghost Dawg

This column was originally supposed to be a synopsis of all the things worth reading in the newsstand mags, but we wanted it to be longer than two paragraphs. Hence, it’s now a review of a lot of the stuff not worth reading, too.

The Science of Nutrient Timing, Part 2
by John Berardi

What to eat before training, during training, immediately after training, and the rest of the whole darn day.

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Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait for alpha male and red bands!!!

Great MMA article! Detailed, precise answers, just as we like’em. The guy knows his stuff.

But, always when I read stuff like that, is this: where do you get all this choice for gear? I dont use roids, but if I would, my guess is I’d have to take what is available, not necessarily what I want.

I usually get my Tribex from online retailers, but that new product that combines Tribex with Red Kat sounds like something I will definately buy, regardless of price.

Great articles, gotta buy Chris T’s book soon!
Nothing new in the Berardi article though… Wish he could do more articles on training/lifestyle for bodybuilders his articles on these topics have been great and “no nonsense” so far :smiley:
Not to forget, very inspirational!

Probbaly one of Thibaudeau’s best articles ever!

Probably one of Thibaudeau’s best articles ever!

Many thanks! Sometimes the simplest articles are also the best!