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New/Upcoming Drugs/Supps of Interest


I'll begin.

"Ligand XBD173"


Liraglutide/Vyoza (wondering if this might work for non-diabetes users, similar to metformin?)



Gene therapy allows mice to exhale fat via glyoxylate shunt


Gene therapy allows mice to exhale body fat, may be possible for humans in the future


I've been waiting for years for a supplement with the name of a big snake.


No Liraglutide would be closer to the DPP-IV inhibitors or essentially a different pharmacological preparation of byetta (exenatide). Metformin is a biguanide that works on more on the molecular metabolism. This would be closer to the meglitinides, or sulfonylureas that are responsible for increasing insulin production.


The rest of these drugs are 10-20 years away from existance, if they ever make it that far. None of them are even applying for human trials.


OHH it's just the name there's no actual snake in it?


I can see it now... Constrictor! It could be a workout supplement for the oft-neglected portion of the workout: the mirror posing. Constrictor could tighten up your body by getting rid of all that pesky water, INSTANTLY, allowing you to check out your hawt abz and flex your massive bicepts!

On a related note, a lot of those things look interesting, although that sleep spray thing seems ripe for abuse by the college market...


It's funny about this drug is that I think they have tested it in the field and found that soldiers lost their "basic" instinct of the flight or fight along with the ability to predict things that are going to happen.

Anyone else recall this? Very vague memory.


It's gonna be called Python or something I heard


I heard it don't want none unless you got buns hun.


I have used massive doses of Benzodiazepines. When i say massive i mean 500mg+ of Diazepam a day.. once even going upto 2g - a more than fatal dose for most.

This is very similar.. the loss of all anxiety results in such a reduction in ANY AND ALL inhibition, you are literally fearless. I have done some crazy, crazy things.. often extremely violent and aggressive and i was on high dose Benzo's every time. You simply do not care and are a danger to yourself and others - i can most definitely se the plus side but also the down side. You may be better at being in risky situations but i am confident that the amount of deaths of soldiers (and civvies) would rise drastically.



I heard they're gonna ship it exclusively on planes with Samuel L. Jackson on board.


Get these motherfucking supps off this motherfucking plane!!!


RGS-14 protein


One big cop-out solely for obese Americans.Its a shame Universities and the Government waste their time and money on this instead of researching how to keep America IN SHAPE and FIT. Everyone wants to make a shortcut so that lazy Americans can do it the easy way.


Cure For Radiation Sickness Found?

This is like RadAway in Fallout :wink: