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New Unbelievable Testosterone Labs After Only Two Weeks!

I restarted TRT two weeks ago and apparently my endo had ordered a testosterone panel back in December and had done labs yesterday for unrelated issues and I had no idea I even had drawn testosterone labs and went into my patient portal and to my surprise two weeks into TRT got these results below.

Two weeks ago SHBG was 13 and now is 24 and am no longer a low SHBG guy. I have crazy amounts of energy and had felt amazing the last couple of days with erections on demand and very high libido which both are declining quickly.

I find myself over-responding to all medicines, an example is I recently had to reduce my diuretic to 1/8th of a tablet since I had been having crazy amounts of fluid retention that have been getting out of control quickly giving me a small window in which to act.

I don’t feel like I have hyperthyroidism because I had zero symptoms days ago and had erections and a strong libido. My muscles at the beginning were soft and jello like and in only one week muscles were much firmer. My ALT levels have dropped lower than at any time in the past and hematocrit is 48.9 and A1C 6.5%!

My A1C 12/24/19 was 8.3%. The only thing I can think of is now I’m not iron deficient whereas before I was and also am on two types of insulin. This same protocol used to get me 407-497 after 6 weeks, any ideas why I’m getting incredible numbers so early in my protocol?

Pre-TRT Labs:

20mg EOD protocol:

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