New Un-Program

I want to try something out, but I wanted your input before I started on the long term. My goals are to build and maintain functional strength and to stay explosive for MMA training. I am 6’3", currently weigh 245-250 with approximately 10-12 percent body fat (estimated). My personal bests are 300 bench, 435 DL, and 350 squat.

I was thinking I could do something along the lines of this:

Tues-Fri.- MMA conditioning/training

Mon, Wed, Fri: 5x5 for three exercises chosen from the big main lifts, such as squats, deadlift, cleans, various presses, rows, dips, pullups, etc. and work up to a 5 rm for each exercise at set 5. This would be followed by some sort of conditioning movement such as hitting a heavy bag superseted with straight armed plate lifts. I can also do sprints, ab work, rowing, etc. but I have no access to sleds, tires, kegs, etc.

I was hoping to continue with this for approximately 3-4 weeks, adding weight each week.

Just a side note: I’m just starting MMA, but my background is mostly in CW programs and the like. I’m hoping to get a program which is more random, and has a lot of freedom as far as exercise choices. Please feel free to point me towards the right direction and what not