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New U2 is Hot!


The new u2 single is fire! agree? Give it a sec to load.



Number 2?


I've always liked them. I'll have to check out the new stuff.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!


Not bad at all. They always reinvent themselves which is one reason I like them. You never hear the same noise.


I like it, but then again have always been a big U2 fan. Will definitely have to see them again when they tour.



Hello Hello....

Man, I remember having copied tapes of their first albums back when I was in junior high. Even had a little U2 sticker tht came in a cereal box which ended up adorning myhamster's cage -lol

Definitely some staying power with those guys.



I remember seeing them live back in '82 when they were basically unknown lads.


I'll have to check this out when I get home. I'm a fan of their older stuff, but I'm not as familiar with their more recent albums.

Also, is it just me or does the band Coldplay sound a lot like U2. Everytime I hear a new Coldplay song on the radio I think "Whoa, is this U2?" Then I realize it's not.