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New Try With Decent Pics - 18 YO / 215 LBS


About me:
Age: 18
Weight: 215 pounds
Height: 6 ft
Years of training: 5

Benchpress: 341 pounds
Squat: 352 pounds
Deadlift: 440 pounds
Power clean: 264 pounds
Military press: 220 pounds
Bicep curl: 154 pounds (Ez-bar)

Be as honest as you'd like but please, give constructive critizizm only.


The wheels. Get working on them big time. I struggle with that too but hit them hard.


Okay I will!


I dont feel like your legs are that bad.

I'd say its the triceps that need the most work


Possible...maybe it's just the angle of the pictures. Legs, mostly calves don't look great. But again, it could just be how the picture is focused.


I can honestly say my legs need some work. I couldn't train them for 2 years when I had Morbus Schlatter but that is not a valid reason anymore, I will start training them wheels good. Calves and triceps surely needs work and that has been pointed out before, so I will start a new program focusing on them. Thanks for your oppinions!


gave you a 5 btw


good work, solid,period.


lower quads look ok, try close-stance front squats for outer thigh, and really work the long head of the tricep,
more chin ups as well. look alot better than me at 18


Just echoing other people here but you have a really good base. You should be proud and just continue the good work and gain some general mass and you should be able to keep a very solid physique for most of your life.


Bench 341 and squat 352? Nice physique for 18. Giving you a 5.


Well the thing is that I wanted to compete in benchpress because it was my best exercise. It ended up with me having a shot at the gold in the swedish championships and I just went for it. I left most of my training aside to be as good as possible at benhing and it worked out well and I won. So today I am a swedish champion in benchpress for guys up to 18 years old and I am proud of it.

Sice november last year I have gone back to training the whole body and this week I have been starting to take extra care about my legs and triceps. Anyways thanks for you compliment! :slightly_smiling:


Thought you were 6'7" in the other thread, or am I imagining things?


good job for 18. Keep working hard


Haha it's quiet embarrassing actually but since I live in Sweden I can't measure in ft. so I used a converter and used it terribly wrong! I ended up 6 ft 7 and thought I was that tall untill my fried was like: "whooa, I didn't know you were 210 cm (it's a lot)". It was very embarrassing so I tried to "cover it up" and never mention it again. :stuck_out_tongue: But now I am guilty as charged so here goes nothing, I am Not 6.7, I am simply 6 ft tall :slight_smile:


Thank you Very much!


Haha, sorry man, shouldn't have mentioned it.


how is that constructive critizzzizm?


you were lifting heavy at 13? word.


After injuring my knees I started lifting some weights. Not too heavy, I was always able to do 12-20 reps without any problem. I have up until now not felt anything even close to an injury which I think is kinda positive! :slightly_smiling: I think that what helped me stay uninjured was versatile training. I didn't only lift weights, I was also running, stretching and doing coordination-training.